Eagle Creek’s Cubes Make Snowshoeing More Hassle-Free

When we venture away from our desk jobs, household chores, and TV and PC screens to enter our favorite white blanketed spaces, we renew our bodies and our sense of beauty, freedom, adventure, independence, and peace of mind. Each time, our snowshoeing experiences can be enhanced by hassle-free gear.

Eagle Creek, the travel-gear company run by VF, the same firm that runs Wrangler and Timberland, has produced gear that will help give us many hassle-free snowshoeing experiences. The Specter compression Cubes can ease the load and give us more peace of mind while we’re out on the snow.

The hassle-free factor starts with the weight. Eagle Creek’s packs are ultra-light. The compressor Cube adds just one ounce to our backpack. The Half-Cube and the Quarter-Cube each add less than half an ounce.

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In snowshoeing, hassle-free means staying warm. We need layers to stay warm, and before we put on or after we take off each layer, we need a place to carry it. The compressor Cubes give us a place to pack most of what we wear while snowshoeing.

Hassle-free means keeping our stuff dry. The compressor Cubes are water-resistant. Not water-proof. We can’t drop our stuff in a lake. But we can keep our stuff well-protected from the rain and snow.

And hassle-free means keeping our backpack better organized. The compressor Cubes work great for clothes and small accessories. We can roll up our extra shirts and socks and keep them compressed throughout each of our snow adventures.

Eagle Creek uses silnylon. This is the super-durable translucent fabric found in many of our tents and backpacks.

The only question the product raised for me was the warning: “Intended for use by adults only.” I was left wondering what teenagers have to fear from the compressor Cubes. I suspect that the company’s lawyers insisted they add this disclaimer to their packaging, and that it has no real meaning. Maybe “don’t let your baby eat this” would be a better warning?

Fortunately, the hassle-free features of the compressor Cubes also extend to their price.

The 14-by-10-inch Cube sells for $17: http://shop.eaglecreek.com/packit-specter-cube/d/1141

The 10-by-7-inch Half-Cube sells for $15: http://shop.eaglecreek.com/packit-specter-half-cube/d/1145

The 7.5-by-4.5-inch Quarter-Cube sells for $13: http://shop.eaglecreek.com/packit-specter-quarter-cube/d/1140

Or, instead of spending $45 to buy each Cube, you can get all three as a system in Eagle Creek’s Specter Cube Set for $38: http://shop.eaglecreek.com/packit-specter-cube-set/d/1229

Eagle Creek’s innovation has yielded sensible results. The compression Cubes offer us a personal carrying solution that is convenient, reliable, and, in my experience with Eagle Creek’s products, hassle-free.

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