New bill aims to get kids outside and healthy

A new bill from Senator Mark Udall and Rep. Ron Kind aims to get kids (and their parents) back outside to improve their health and their connections to the great outdoors.

The “Healthy Kids Outdoor Act” will encourage states and … Continue reading

Snowshoeing Education 306: Why Do We Snowshoe? A Psycho-social Analysis or Just Because

Have you ever wondered why we snowshoe? While in psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud may have said something to the snowshoe enthusiast like, “Due to a possible repression of your early fixation manifestations, you resolved your subconscious conflicts by simply taking up … Continue reading

Snowy Dirty Dozen: The Top 12 Most Unique Snow Movies

Not all snow movies are the indomitably cheery “A Christmas Story” (1983), nor where lack of snow creates consternation like “White Christmas” (1954). Prepare for snow, and lots of it by viewing these movies.

This list won’t include popular holiday … Continue reading

Snowshoeing Education 106: Snowshoe Journaling

"This was real adventure, snowshoeing into deep winter. And I was relieved that I was getting along so well on my snowshoes. I had read of agonizing cramps from them. But Bill said that was from walking too tensely. So when I grew tired I walked with an extreme loppiness, and that rested me."