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Gear Review: MindShift Rotation 180 Panorama Pack

A good backpack is a wonderful thing. Few pieces of gear encourage otherwise sensible people to develop irrational emotional attachments to inanimate objects like the nylon pouches we sling over our shoulders. It is for good reason I suppose, nothing … Continue reading

Gear Review: SportHill Backcountry Pant

If I am being honest, my pants are very often the last thing I am thinking about while I am out exploring. My boots, jacket, socks, shirt, hat, and even long johns tend to be more cognitively demanding decisions when … Continue reading

Gear Review: TASC Performance Base Layers and Elevate Fleece Hoodie

Anyone who spends enough time outside knows the importance of a good layering system. What you elect to use as your base, mid, and outer layers can easily make the difference between a fun day playing in the snow and … Continue reading

Seizing the Snow at Elfin Lakes – Squamish, BC

Learning to love winter the Pacific Northwest is largely an exercise in training yourself not to believe what you see. A common refrain among the outdoor enthusiasts in Vancouver, BC is “Rain in the city means snow in the mountains.” … Continue reading

Gear Review: Lululemon Men’s Apparel

I’ll admit it, when I first heard that Lululemon had produced a line of men’s active apparel I was skeptical. As a gear enthusiast with my mind constantly on the mountains I hold brands in distinct categories in my head. … Continue reading

Sharing the Trail: A Case Study in Conflict

Conflict isn’t a word that many of us associate with spending time in the great outdoors. When we decide to hit the trails one of the biggest motivating factors is to have some time away from the stress of modern … Continue reading

The Price of Adventure: Measuring Outdoor Recreation in British Columbia

Snowshoeing can be a difficult activity to keep track of. Given that anyone with the urge and necessary equipment can strap some old wood frames onto their boots and head off into the wilderness at any given time, it is … Continue reading