About Roger Bunyan

I am a life-long mountain fanatic! I like wild and mountainous places and have enjoyed a range of experiences in the Swiss, French and Austrian Alps, East Africa, Transylvania, Norway, Russia and in the British Isles. Being a winter creature, I love to cross-country ski, walk and snow shoe. I have recently retired from teaching so I'm now able to spend even more time enjoying outdoor activities. In addition, I also have more time to write about them! Retirement is good.


Arctic Fun in Saariselkä, Finland

We were waiting for our bags to be off-loaded at Kittilä Airport in the north of Finland. On one wall of the arrival lounge I was intrigued by a large poster of the aurora borealis or ‘northern lights’ with the … Continue reading

Seefeld – A Place Of Guaranteed Snow!

Over the last few weeks, I had been looking at the webcams around the Seefeld plateau. Sadly, there was no snow in that corner of the Austrian Tyrol! Well, high up on the very tops of the mountains, there was … Continue reading

Snowshoes For More Weighty Creatures!

We all enjoy putting our snowshoes on, stepping out into that deep powder, plodding away and becoming immersed in that whole snowy wintertime atmosphere. It’s what gets us excited and let’s be honest, snowshoeing an important facet of our very … Continue reading

The Use of Snowshoes in the First Crossing of Greenland

The Norwegian legend, Fridtjof Nansen, together with five companions, became the first people in history to cross the interior of Greenland in 1888.

The Greenland expedition members with their equipment: (seated left to right) Fridtjof Nansen, Oluf Dietrichson, (standing Continue reading

Arctic Snowshoeing in Tromsø, Norway

The arctic, at last!

Stepping down from the plane we fought through the heavy snow swirling across the tarmac and briskly walked into the arrival lounge of Tromsø Airport. It was midnight and after sitting for two hours in a … Continue reading

Winter in the English Lake District

The Lake District National Park is located in one of the UK’s most scenic regions, with rolling hills, long glaciated valleys and numerous lakes, all tucked away in the northwest corner of England. It is one of the nation’s natural … Continue reading

At the Foot of the Matterhorn: Zermatt Lifts Snowshoeing Spirits

Zermatt is a compact alpine village tucked away high up in the south of Switzerland, not far from the Italian frontier. At an elevation of 1,608m (5,276 feet) it is encircled by 29 inspirationally sculptured 4,000m peaks – an impressive … Continue reading

Snowshoeing in the Land of Dracula

Whenever possible, I always like to sing the praises of the Transylvanian Alps in Romania. It is a place of extreme beauty with high, craggy, semi-alpine mountains, picturesque valleys, glacial lakes and huge forests, with an abundance of serious wildlife … Continue reading

A First-time Snowshoer in Seefeld, Austria

I shuffled along the path. My boot grips bit into the compressed snow. I was grumpy. For the first time in many years I would be unable to play on the Alps’ best cross-country ski trails. I was forlorn. Devastation.… Continue reading