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Living in the Top Rated National Park in France

We certainly know a thing or two about being equipped for the great outdoors – thanks to this boost (http://bit.ly/Ah89v9) from Columbia Sportswear Company, which (http://bit.ly/ysrsJo) knows a thing or two about being properly equipped.

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A Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing…

The sensitive relationship between the French and their controversial wildlife continues apace.

For us at spacebetween, based here in France's Mercantour, we have seen the introduction of a successful wolf park on the very edge of the Park where wolves were first sighted back in the ‘80s after many years of absence.

Gran Paradiso or Bust!

Snow might just seem rather a distant memory to all of us at the moment…..

Despair not, there's certainly no shortage of snow, and certainly not in Gran Paradiso.  Fortunately, at the moment, it is not the sort of snow that prevents you from being outdoors – as encountered no less than three times on “reccie” visits by your adventuring friends at Spacebetween.  Undaunted, your Celtic adventurers completed a successful summer summit of Gran Paradiso in the summer of 2010, and were recently back for more.

Beyond the French Riviera: The Beautiful and Stunning Mercantour National Park

On the day (when these words were penned), that the total glamour and glitz of the Cannes Film Festival starts, and the weather has been so kind to us that the good burghers of the Côte D'Azur are worried that they might not gain permission to fill their swimming pools this summer due to drought.  Our colleagues, are out on the hill above 2,000 metres enjoying abundant snow.