About Heather L. Nicaise

Heather L. Nicaise is a freelance writer and photographer living in southern California with her husband and three adopted dogs. She is concerned about animal welfare and preservation of the outdoors. She spends her winters snowshoeing and hiking. She spends summers cowering in dark air-conditioned corners.


Trail Preferences: Groomed or Ungroomed?

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I finally decided to try some new trails out at a ski area that catered to snowshoers and cross country skiers. I always snowshoe on trails in public places such as National Forests so this occasion was my first groomed trail experience. I had no expectations other than knowing that I had found another great place to stretch out and snowshoe!

Preserving the Memories of a Winter Wonderland

If you're a shutterbug, what happens to all those vacation photos? If they're digital, they might still be sitting on your computer. If they are prints developed from film, they may have gone the way of the dark and dusty shoebox. I know, I know. You're going to put the photos in an album, someday, when you have the time. How about bringing new life to your photographs with a custom-made book?

When the Snowshoes On Your Feet Aren’t Enough

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Want to know what to buy for the obsessed snowshoer in your life? Do you collect snowshoe-themed art? Have you considered decorating with snowshoes? We've found some home decor, gifts, and collectibles that might be of interest.

Book Review: The Snowshoe Experience By Claire Walter

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If you are beginning to snowshoe, "The Snowshoe Experience" by Claire Walter is for you. This book is a wonderful guide for snowshoers who are new to the sport.

The San Gorgonio Wilderness

Mount San Gorgonio in the San Bernardino National Forest is the highest peak in southern California. The grand mountain stretches skyward to an impressive 11,502 feet. Only 80 miles east of Los Angeles, the snowcapped peak can easily be seen on a clear and smogless day.

Snowshoeing and Wildlife Watching in Big Bear Valley

Big Bear, Cali., only two hours from Los Angeles, is a playground for winter-loving southern Californians. Nestled in the mountains of the San Bernardino National Forest, Big Bear Valley receives enough snow to appease snow lovers during the winter season.

Cavorting With Your Canine

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Don't forget your canine companion when you go snowshoeing. Snowshoeing is great exercise for you and your dog. Bring him/her along with you on your excursions. The exercise is great for your dog's health too. Keeping your dog fit and trim is good in the long run. Your dog will have fewer problems as he/she ages. Exercise promotes weight loss, cardiovascular health, and joint health for all of us.

Head Over Heels

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I purchased snowshoes as an excuse to get out into the snow again. Being completely obsessed with snow, I really didn't need an excuse, but the snowshoes sitting in the garage certainly helped. My husband and I had moved to southern California a year earlier, and I had to get away to somewhere less crowded and certainly snowier. It seemed that every time I walked past the snowshoes leaning against the garage wall, they were chanting, "Go to the snow!" So, I did.

Gear Reviews: A Handful of Great Snowshoeing Accessories

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*Zooke Anti-Fog Lens Cleaner - No longer in the fog I wear prescription eyeglasses. When I'm bundled up for a day of snowshoeing and wearing a turtleneck or most of my face is wrapped in a scarf, my eyeglasses are guaranteed to fog up. When I exhale, the turtleneck or scarf channels my warm breath directly upwards to my cold glasses. Instant fogging. I am a klutz when I can actually see. You wouldn't want to see me on the trail with fogged glasses or goggles.

Mount Pinos: Peace Among The Pines

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Mount Pinos is the winter gem of the Los Padres National Forest. Standing well above the surrounding mountains, Mount Pinos is the highest peak in the Forest, reaching an elevation of 8,831 feet. The grand mountain was spotted from the California coast by Spanish explorers who named the pine-covered peak. The word pinos is Spanish for "pines."

The Angeles National Forest: Endless Snowshoeing Opportunities

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Less than 30 minutes from Los Angeles, the Angeles National Forest offers a variety of recreational opportunities.