A Great Vermont Export: Darn Tough Socks

The men's Bjorn Nordic Micro Crew sock by Darn Tough socks.

The men’s Bjorn Nordic Micro Crew sock by Darn Tough socks.

While I never saw her drink the entire time I was growing up, my mother kept a small bottle of brandy in the cupboard.  Mom hailed from upstate Wisconsin and had been a great ice skater in her day, so we kids were inclined to believe her when she informed us on a number of occasions that “brandy warms your toes.”

In young adulthood, I gave brandy a try a couple of times and discovered that Mom was right.  These days, when warm feet are more important to me than ever, I’ve learned to trust them to compression socks and wool socks.

So far, I haven’t found a better pair of wool socks than those produced by the Vermont company Darn Tough.  Their socks are made of 100 percent fine-gauge Merino wool, and there is probably no snowshoer in the world who is a more vocal champion of Merino wool than yours truly.  I’ll be touting the benefits of Merino wool ‘til the day I die.

While I expected to love their Merino wool socks, Darn Tough impressed me beyond my expectations.  Darn Tough socks really hug our feet.  They are so well designed that they don’t slip or bunch around our ankles, and this innovation prevents blisters.  The loop around the toes adds comfort.  And they come with a lifetime guarantee.  Stunning: a lifetime guarantee.

Ric Cabot is President of Darn Tough and much of the family is involved in the enterprise.  I’m sure now that the Cabot family is the best thing to spring from the Green Mountains of Vermont since Ethan Allen and the Boys helped win the American Revolution.

Darn Tough socks will warm your toes even more reliably than brandy.  No doubt my mother would have been impressed.


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