2023 Snowshoe Mag Photo Competition

As of April 16th, 2023, at 11:59 pm MDT, the Snowshoe Mag photo competition, sponsored by Tear Mender, has ended. Stay tuned for our next competition in the spring of 2024.

Thank you to everyone who entered a photo and voted in the contest! We hope the photos brought you just as much joy as they did us. 🙂

Congratulations to our 2023 winners!

child laying in the snow with snowshoes and trees in background

1st place winner: Connie Pruden

snowshoes lined up in front of river with blue sky above

2nd place winner: Cynthia Davey

person standing in snow overlooking scene with trees under open sky

3rd place winner: Christine Williams


It’s that time of year when the snow is melting, and spring is on its way in the Northern Hemisphere. That means it’s time for one last look at the winter through Snowshoe Mag’s annual photo competition, sponsored by Tear Mender!

It’s amazing the power photos have to invoke feelings, whether that be a reminder of a great day in the outdoors or a specific moment in the snow. As you go through your photos from the year, we hope that you have some wonderful reminders of the fun times this winter.

Enter your favorite snowshoe or winter photo, and then vote for your favorite photo to help declare our winners. This year this competition will last from April 6th to April 16th, 2023.  See details for the contest below.

woman with her arms around a tree and smiling

This photo is a reminder of the silliness and joy for nature I felt while snowshoeing in Ponderosa State Park in McCall, Idaho, this year. Photo: Susan Wowk

To Enter The Photo Competition

Please submit your photos through our competition link, hosted by EasyPromos: https://pr.easypromosapp.com/p/954130. You can upload your image by clicking ‘upload your photo.’

You will need to include the following information when submitting your photo for entry:

1) your first and last name
2) your email for prize notification
3) accept the privacy policy
4) accept the terms and conditions of the contest

Each person can enter only one photo. All entries must be received by Sunday, April 16th, at 11:59 pm MT. All personal data included in the entry will not be shared with any third party. Personal data will only be used to notify contest winners.

To share your photo with friends and family after uploading it, click on the share button. You can choose to share your photo on social media. Or, copy and paste the link listed for your unique photo.

There is no cost to enter our winter photo competition.  You can read the competition terms and conditions upon submitting or voting for your photo. One key point is that all submitted photos must be your original work, or you must have permission to use the image for the entry. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact us.

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You can vote for your favorite photo by clicking the vote button next to the image.

You can only vote for one photo during the competition. When voting, all voters must insert their first name, last name, and email address to limit spam votes. You must validate your email address before your vote is counted. Snowshoe Magazine will not retain personal information associated with voting.

Winner Determination & Prizes

The winter photo competition closes at 11:59 MT on April 16th, 2023. The three photos with the most votes will be our winners. If there’s a tie for the most votes, Snowshoe Mag staff will choose a winner.

The winning photo with the highest number of votes has the first choice of one of three prizes. The prizes include the following:

Dion-NeviTREK Snowshoes

Choose from a pair of NeviTREK 25″ Tracker Series snowshoes, available in blue or red, OR a pair of Dion 132 snowshoes. Each snowshoe is made in the USA with a description below.

The NeviTREK Tracker Series is a casual line of snowshoes that is ideal for recreational walking and exercise. The 25″ has an optimal load of 175 lbs (80 kg), and the prize value is $145. These snowshoes also include:

  • A drag and wear minimizing Trail Tail
  • Super strap binding system
  • 1/8” tempered aluminum forward, aft, and center cleats.
  • Lightweight decking (22 oz)

The Dion 132 Snowshoes have an optimal load of 140-200 (63.5 – 90 kg), and the prize value ranges from $100 – $240, depending on the binding and cleats chosen. The features of this snowshoe include:

  • Frame made of hand-crafted, aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Heel cleat with a Teflon hard coat to help prevent ice and snow from sticking
  • Sleeve-joined tubing for added strength
  • Neoprene springs on the hinge for constant tension and improved articulation
  • Lightweight, abrasion-resistant decking
  • Interchangeable bindings and cleats

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Komperdell Carbon C2 Ultralight Poles

This adjustable-length 2-section pole is designed for both safety and comfort. It has an extended grip zone to allow for quick adjustments and a soft, padded strap for extra security. It can handle inclines up to 28 degrees and will enable you to adapt rapidly to the terrain.

This pole can adjust from 110cm to 140cm and packs down to 98cm. It’s available in orange and berry colors. These poles retail for USD 189.95. The key features include:

  • Lightweight at only 188g (0.4lb)
  • Touring foam 280 grip
  • Powerlock 3.0
  • Comfort padded strap
  • Ice-flex basket

Read More: Komperdell Gear Guide: Snowshoes, Accessories, and Poles

Sawyer Bottle Water Filtration System

This 24 oz Bottle Filtration System is rated up to 100,000 gallons. The fast-flowing Sawyer MINI in the bottle is almost effortless to drink from. It’s the perfect clean-water companion on a hike or when traveling. This prize has a value of approximately $35, and the features include:

  • Filters up to 100,000 gallons
  • 24-ounce capacity
  • Easy to drink, fast-flowing filter
  • Cleanable and reusable filter; Removes 99.99999% of all bacteria, such as salmonella, cholera, and E.coli; removes 99.9999% of all protozoa, such as giardia and cryptosporidium, and 100% of microplastics.
  • BPA Free
  • Ideal for outdoor recreation, hiking, camping, scouting, domestic and International travel, and emergency preparedness.

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Vinyl Mender Starter Kit

Each winner will also receive a Vinyl Mender Starter Kit, a Tear Mender product. Vinyl Mender Clear Adhesive Patch uses advanced acrylic adhesive technology to repair rips, tears, and leaks in vinyl and fabric. It is a clear alternative to duct tape.

Use Vinyl Mender to patch and repair a variety of outdoor and indoor items, including vinyl upholstery and smooth, non-porous fabrics, tents, tarps, rain gear, fishing waders, and more (like we did with our puffy jacket).

Interested in last year’s competition? See our 2022 winners, entries, and prizes!


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