Join Us For National & World CleanUp Day 2020!

Join Snowshoe Magazine for National & World CleanUp Day! On September 19th, individuals from around the country and globe will help clean up our trails, natural areas, and outdoor spaces. With a whirlwind of a year so far, let’s get ready for the upcoming snowshoe season by cleaning up for our winter adventures.

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How can I get involved in National CleanUp Day?

Due to COVID-19, cleanups can be done individually or in small groups. If you are with a group, please remember to maintain social distance, wear a mask, and adhere to your local COVID-19 guidelines and regulations.

Where To Go

A great place to start a trash pick up is in your own neighborhood! Take a solo walk to your local park and bring a trash bag along. Or, go for a hike in your local natural area with a few friends and pick up trash while on the trail.

If you’re having trouble choosing an area for cleanup, reach out to your local city recreation department or natural resources department. The staff at these local departments can be a wealth of information regarding trash pick up guidelines and offer recommendations of where cleanup may be needed.

If you’re located in northern Colorado or the surrounding area, please join Snowshoe Mag staff for small local cleanup events at our natural areas in Fort Collins on September 19th. Each event is limited to 15 people, and masks and social distancing are required.

Please complete our interest form, and we will send you additional information regarding the Fort Collins clean up!

Before You Go

Whether you choose to go solo or in a small group, register your cleanup for National CleanUp Day!

Also, prior to clean up, remember to check with your local area regarding any trash pick up restrictions and know where you’ll dispose of your trash after cleanup.

Please be careful as you’re out trash hunting. If you encounter any hazardous or large items along the way, do not remove them. Instead, contact your local area for guidance.

Register Your Cleanup

What To Bring

On your trash cleanup outing, you’ll want to bring the following items:

  • thick gloves (such as gardening gloves) or a trash collection stick for picking up trash
  • trash bags to collect the garbage (after collecting, remember to dispose of your trash correctly)
  • water and a snack

It’s also recommended to wear long pants and closed-toed shoes to avoid any scrapes or plant interactions. Always remember to protect yourself from the sun by wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.

How can I share my CleanUp Day adventures?

We would love to hear of your National CleanUp Day experience!

Share photos or short videos of CleanUp Day on social media with @SnowshoeMag, #ssmcleanup, @NationalCleanUpDay, #NationalCleanUpDay, or #trashtag. Or, email us your photos at

After you have finished your cleanup for the day, please report your experience. Share details about the amount of trash and recyclables you collected, and about your group!

If you’d like to continue your clean up throughout the year, keep track of what you find and inspire others with the Litterati app.

Let’s Clean Up!

We’re excited to share National CleanUp Day with you! Please feel free to contact us with any additional questions.

Remember, any small amount of trash pick up makes a difference! Happy cleanup!

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