The KEEN Clearwater CNX Shoe for Women: Endless Outdoor Possibilities

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast who’s foreign to KEEN, it’s imperative you stop and read this article.

KEEN caters to those who live the “HybridLife.” By their definition, this encompasses those who like to play anywhere without a ceiling while caring for the community around them.

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The Clearwater CNX design hits the mark in catering to this audacious lifestyle. The specs on this particular model translate to the Mercedes of outdoor shoes.

The shoe is comprised of washable polyester webbing lined by hydrophobic mesh, making for a durable exterior that promises to keep excess moisture at bay. They’re also equipped with a clever toecap, which prevents stubbing and pebble intruders on rocky trails.

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The base of the shoe is made of sturdy rubber with deep treading for ultimate grip in dicey conditions. Bungee lace drawstrings and arch support complete the design, guaranteeing a custom, snug fit.

Also worthy of mention is the comprehensive color palate! Ranging from bold and bright to basic grayscale, there’s a match for any taste. I opted for the “Hot Coral” CNXs and am delightfully surprised with the color depiction accuracy on the KEEN website.

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For me, living in Colorado equals endless outdoor possibilities. Think rafting, hiking, camping, cliff jumping and rafting again, all in a day’s work. On adventuress like these I forget I’m even wearing shoes, which is exactly what KEEN was aiming for designing this shoe at only 7.6 ounces. The Clearwater CNXs are my “not-so-secret” weapon to scaling mountain terrain in style and comfort.

If you were in the market for a new comrade in the form of footwear, you’ve found it with KEEN.

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For more information on the KEEN Clearwater CNX shoe, click here. To purchase the KEEN Clearwater CNX shoe for women, click here.

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