Gear Review: Moving Comfort Mobility 1/2 Zip Shirt

Winter in Utah has been off to an odd start. Where slopes should be blanketed in a growing snowpack, there are acres of dirt and grass. Stretches of subzero temperatures have been scattered between warm dry spells. As many kayaks and muddy mountain bikes are strapped to car racks as skis and snowboards. And with unpredictable winter weather happening across the country, it’s hard to live (and dress) by the Boy Scouts’ motto of being prepared.

So, although the snowshoes haven’t seen an inch of snow this season, I’ve relied on the versatility of Moving Comfort’s Mobility 1/2 Zip to get me through the start of a bizarre winter. As a mid-layer for snowboarding, an outer layer on mild hikes or a casual top for cool-weather travels, the Mobility 1/2 Zip has adapted to every activity I’ve put it through.

Its everyday versatility is what has me reaching for this long sleeve shirt, well, nearly everyday. A plush polyester and spandex blend has just the right amount of stretch when I’m moving and twisting without cramping my range of motion, and the super soft inside is an all-around cozy mid-layer of warmth before/during/after any outdoor adventure.

When nice weather holds up, the Mobility 1/2 Zip works hard on its own as a thin – but insulating – outer layer, especially when you’re on the go. The half-length neck zip provides air flow , and thumb loops with an extended cuff are a welcome addition when you’re prone to cold hands but want to sacrifice gloves for better dexterity.

Where Moving Comfort’s Mobility 1/2 Zip wins points as an outer layer, though, is with its large, zippered stash back pocket – a seemingly unimportant feature until you realize that the rest of your hiking clothes have no useful pockets. The invisible zip and deep pocket can pack all the small essentials (music, keys, cash) – plus some. Ok, so maybe you don’t have a need to carry around a few energy bars and a small water bottle on a short hike, but the convenience of having the option to jam a small supply of necessities in a low-profile pocket makes the Mobility 1/2 Zip a reliable choice for all your unpredictable adventures – and unreliable winter weather.

The Mobility 1/2 Zip retails for $65 and can be purchased on Moving Comfort’s website. For more information on Moving Comfort’s line of women’s active wear, visit their website.

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Stephanie Nitsch is an outdoor writer with roots in the Pacific Northwest but calls Utah home. Stephanie writes adventure stories, gear reviews and profiles for the likes of ESPN, Bike, Snowboard Canada, Utah Adventure Journal and more.

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