You’re Darn Tootin’ You’ll Love Trail Newtons!

Whether your running shoes use air, gel, foam or jello — jello? — to absorb the shock of landing a foot, none will match the science of Sir Isaac’s principles integrated into Newton Running, pushing your feet up, up and away like a built-in pocket-rocket.

The biggest breakthrough in athletic shoes since Olympian Ron Daws took a knife to trim excess weight in the 1960s thus creating lighter and quicker, you’ll instantly be on your way with these beauties.

And about the color lime . . . it’s about time!

Now stand out from the normal, the complacent, the dull with new technology that is 350 years old yet performs as if it were invented tomorrow.

As Led Zeppelin sang — or did they? — in the trippy Misty Mountain, “Hey, Whoopi Cat. Get in line, get in line.” You will be that Whoopi Cat standing apart, creating your own line, your own adventure, your own way. Why follow ordinary, conforming to the known, the accepted . . . go ahead, break ranks, be radical and start a new trail of demarcation for others to follow. Do you think I. Newton walked the path of others? He answers, “If I saw further than other men, it was because I stood on the shoulders of giants.”

As another human born on Christmas, Newt used his intellect. Despite criticisms, jealousy and then arguments from Royal Society, he transformed his own alchemy into the simplistic title we know as the three laws of motion. Those are now interpreted, transformed by Newtonite engineers to the laws of Newton Trail Guidance Trainers: Land – Lever – Lift.

A completely new technique, the Newtons’ soles allow your foot to touch the trail (land), be lifted by the four magic finger-lugs aligned in a row (lever), and then by simply raising your knee (lift), be propelled forward. No pushing off like one might from the past — those dark ages, right? when the sun circled earth. Now go off to the races in a new, easier method Isaac just might call the future, but not so directly. He would state, “I now demonstrate the frame of the System of the World.” For simplicities’ sake, let’s just say “Newton Running.”

Newton Running graciously provides a cheat card for their Science in Motion™. No test here, but these are their 10 Laws of Running Better and though I needn’t list them here — discover their magic for yourself — one needs highlighting and that is “Have Fun.” Reducing challenges to your limbs lessens injury, which means you can be on the trail more and longer enjoying the wonders of the woods. That’s fun, period.

The mystery of Zeppelin’s lyric . . . the official version shows those are not the words written, yet hearing the song you are hard-pressed to think otherwise. Wearing lime flavored Trail Guidance Trainer Newtons attracts interest; explaining the mystery of the lugs invites incredulousness because the world has yet to grasp the fact that now, for the first time, trail shoes have a true shock absorber just like brands such as Bilsteins used in high performance automobiles. Why not use laws of retail motion of your own, and get them working for your high performance body?

You are right, the surprisingly light feeling shoes don’t operate the same as shock absorbers, but the effect . . . the effect reaches a similar goal of dampening force, in this case to the forefoot first, then the tender foot bones, the ankle joints, reverberating up the shin to the knees, too.

Reducing wear and stress on the body decreases fatigue adding an immeasurable quantity of added “uumph,” allowing a trail runner to add distance or reduce the time required to cover it or both. That’s called an enhanced experience, and all of those little steps in personal preparation help get you there. Now with Newtons, you take a giant leap.

“I do not know what I may appear to the world,” Newton reminisced, “but to myself I seem to have been only a boy playing on the sea-shore, and diverting myself now and then finding a smoother pebble or a prettier shell than ordinary, whilst the great ocean of truth lay all undiscovered before me.” These Newtons, they are your smoother pebble and prettier shell allowing the discovery of personal truth while on the joys of life paths making way to the misty mountains.

Now, use motion on your finger to click this link —  — and gravitate to the technicals for Newton Trail Guidance Trainers, and be prepared for a surprise with the GT’s in bold black, too.

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