Why it’s Smart to Carry a Knife When Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a sport that allows you to explore and enjoy nature. You get to see scenery and wildlife in its natural form. It is truly a breathtaking experience. On the other hand, snowshoeing is exciting and exhilarating. Because of the frozen world you are entering, it can even be a little dangerous if you aren’t prepared.

Preparing for a snowshoeing trip requires quite a bit of gear. You need warm clothing, food, water, shelter (if it is a longer trail), first aid, and matches to name a few. To have an enjoyable experience exploring the wintery world, you need to be armed with all necessary equipment. While all equipment is important, there is one thing you should not go snowshoeing without – a knife.

It is smart to have a reliable knife with you as you take on the wilderness. A knife that is high-quality and dependable can give you peace of mind and can keep you safe and comfortable in case an emergency arises. Due to the circumstances you are diving into on a snowshoeing trip, danger is a possibility. No one plans on getting stuck overnight or getting lost, but it is smart to be prepared in the event that happens.

A knife can save you in many unpleasant and unwanted situations. Whether you choose a Benchmade or a Gerber, an OTF or an Emerson, a high quality knife can have many uses while snowshoeing.

Fix Broken Equipment

The most common problem on the snowshoeing trail is broken or damaged equipment. Rough terrain, old equipment or bad luck can result in equipment that needs fixing. When you are in the middle of a snow packed mountain, you need to be able to repair your snowshoes.

Often knives are part of a multi-use tool. Often the screwdriver on this tool can be used to fix broken snowshoes. If you have a broken frame, you can use tent stakes and clamps to repair it. You will need a screwdriver to secure the clamps.

Cut Branches for Shelter

No one wants to get stuck in the brutal winter overnight when they weren’t planning on it. However, many have. The weather can be worse than expected. You may have traveled slower than you were anticipating. Or, you could get lost. Whichever the case, you will need to build shelter for the night to protect you from the elements and cold.

This is where a knife will be useful. You can cut small trees for tent poles. A knife will be useful for cutting small tree trunks, pine tree branches and other plants to build some type of shelter for the night.

Cut Wood for Fire

In addition to needing someone to protect you from snow, rain and wind, you will need some heat if you are either unexpectedly or not, spending the night in the winter wonderland. A knife is used to cut wood for your fire. Without a knife you will have to use tinder kindling you find broken off on the ground.

The problem with broken off kindling is that it has been soaking in the snow. By having a knife you can search for dry kindling so you can create a successful fire to keep warm.

Clean Food

A knife can also be used as a weapon to kill and clean food. If you are in an emergency or a brave soul who plans on finding their own food while on the expedition, a knife can be used for both killing and cleaning your food. Depending on the size of the fish or small animal, knives are handy to slice meat if you are eating with multiple people.

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