Vega Sport Performance System

The Vega Sport Performance System is the first, complete, all-natural, plant-based sports performance system on the planet.

The Vega Sport Performance System was specifically developed in three comprehensive phases to help you perform at your highest level without compromise – before, during, and after training, snowshoeing, trail running, triathlon, or any other endurance sport.

The Vega Sport performance system is 100% plant-based and is free from dairy, gluten, and soy, and does not contain any artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners.

Vega Sport is a synergistic collection of purpose-driven products for endurance athletes who demand results. Each ingredient compliments the other ingredients and delivers specific performance-boosting results – both within the formula and across the system as a whole.

Vega Sport was formulated by Brendan Brazier – professional Ironman triathlete and best-selling author on plant-based nutrition – after years of research to help endurance athletes reach their full potential because of their dietary choices not in spite of them.

~Guiding Principles

  • Nutrient Density >>> Exercise promotes cellular regeneration and nutrition represents the catalyst for cellular reconstruction.
    The importance of whole, nutrient-dense, high net-gain, quality nutrition becomes paramount to snowshoers, trail runners, and active people.
  • Nutrition Timing >>> Timing of nutrition is vital for peak performance. When you nourish your body is almost as important as what nutrients you choose to fuel it.
    When you consume a particular food or combination of foods will distinguish whether you are merely eating or desire to improve your athletic performance.
  • Speed of Recovery >>> The speed at which you recover post-exercise is one of the greatest determining factors of athletic success. Reducing your recovery time between training sessions will make a significant impact on your overall performance and well-being.
    Mindful consideration of what foods and supplements you use post-workout will dramatically impact how your body heals.


The beauty of consistent snowshoeing and trail running is that your body is placed in perpetual regeneration mode. In order to regenerate a stronger version of yourself, it makes sense to ingest the building blocks necessary to facilitate the cyclical process.

The nutrient-dense, high alkaline-forming nutrition found in plant-based whole foods and supplements is vital to regeneration.

Alkaline-forming foods are nearly exclusively found in fruits and vegetables. Alkaline-forming nutrition is especially important to endurance athletes who require strong bones and efficient muscle growth for peak performance.

Vega Sport provides alkaline-forming benefits in a 100% plant-based formula.


Inflammation temporarily reduces the functionality of your muscles and joints. Intensity and frequency are the two primary components of a successful training program.

Your body needs to recover before it can be stressed via exercise and inflammation can become the single greatest inhibitor of your sports training process.

Effectively managing inflammation will reduce the time you need to recover between training sessions or races – one of the most important (yet overlooked) factors in athletic success.


The rate of recovery marks the difference between mediocre and breakthrough athletic performances. Endurance athletes who recover faster can train sooner and compound the gains of their efforts.

The complex process of recovery includes six factors dependent on how and when you nourish your body.

  • Muscle glycogen replenishment, muscle tissue repair, and protein synthesis;
  • Hormonal support;
  • Soft-tissue repair;
  • Immune function;
  • Inflammation reduction;
  • Rehydration

The appropriate blend of nutrients, immune system support, and rest are critical to a swift recovery. Vega Sport has done the work for you.

It is best to get the majority of the nutrients you need to nourish your body and support your athletic pursuits from nutrient-dense whole food sources.

Snowshoers and trail runners clearly have additional nutritional requirements that can be met by conscientiously choosing foods that offer key ingredients to maximize their athletic demands.

Below you’ll find several options that are part of the Vega Sport Performance System.

~Pre-Workout Energizer [formerly Vega Sport Performance Optimizer]

Vega Pre-Workout Energizer sports a unique blend of 13 synergistic plant-based performance-improving ingredients like green tea, coconut oil, yerba mate, and Rhodiola specifically designed to:

  • Provide immediate and sustained energy;
  • Increase endurance, aerobic and anaerobic capacity;
  • Enhance mental focus and physical recovery

Two complementary carbohydrates provide instant and slow-burning fuel for your workouts.

Organic sprouted brown rice has a high glycemic index [90] and enters the bloodstream quickly.

Organic palm nectar has a low glycemic index [35] providing slow, steady energy that will not spike or crash.

Ingest this product 20 minutes prior to your workout.

Flavors: Lemon Lime & Acai Berry

~Electrolyte Hydrator

Vega Electrolyte Hydrator is formulated with all the essential electrolytes your body needs to stay hydrated during workouts or races. It is a natural, alkaline-forming drink mix free from sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Vega Electrolyte Hydrator tastes great despite zero calories. Sip it throughout the day and your workouts to:

  • Replenish electrolytes and minerals;
  • Enhance metabolism and alkalinity;
  • Provide antioxidant protection

Flavors: Lemon Lime & Pom-Berry

~Endurance Gel

Vega Sport Endurance Gel is formulated to provide instant and sustained energy plus electrolytes and vitamins during your snowshoeing endeavors. A plant-based, all-natural energy gel developed for easy on-the-go digestion featuring whole-food ingredients.

Vega Sport Endurance Gel is free from high fructose corn syrup and maltodextrin.

Vega Sport Endurance Gel is the only gel on the market to feature coconut oil, a medium-chain triglyceride, instantly metabolized in the liver to provide direct and immediate non-carbohydrate energy.

Flavors: Raspberry & Orange Zest

~Endurance Bar

Vega Sport Endurance Bar was formulated to provide instant and sustainable energy during workouts. It is an excellent source of iron.

Vega Sport Endurance Bar features an ideal blend of energizing complex carbohydrates and a combination of plant-based protein to provide longer-burning energy for torturous workouts and races. It includes one gram of Omega 3s per bar.

Enjoy Vega Sport Endurance Bar during training or as a nutrient-supplementing snack.

Flavors: Mocha & Acai Berry


~Recovery Accelerator

Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator is the first all-natural, plant-based recovery drink mix specifically developed to address the six key elements of the recovery process [see inflammation/recovery sections above].

The unique formula of the Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator features an innovative blend of 23 synergistic plant-based ingredients.

Some of these ingredients include glucosamine, MacaSure, devil’s claw, L-arginine, and American ginseng tailored to:

  • Replenish energy and electrolytes;
  • Reduce inflammation, muscle, and joint pain;
  • Support immune system and protein synthesis;
  • Reduce recovery time between training

Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator also features a 4:1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein, a combination shown to increase muscle glycogen resynthesis, a crucial component to efficient post workout recovery.

Ingest Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator within 20 minutes after training.

Flavors: Apple Berry & Tropical

~Protein Bar


Vega Sport Protein Bar is a delicious post-workout bar with 15 grams of complete, plant-based protein. Vega Sport Protein Bar is formulated to strengthen and regenerate muscles.

Vega Sport Protein Bars feature SaviSeeds [sacha inchi] – a rich, plant-based source of the amino acid tryptophan.

Enjoy Vega Sport Protein Bars after training or as a delicious protein-supplementing snack.

Flavors: Chocolate Coconut & Chocolate SaviSeed

~Performance Protein

Vega Sport Performance Protein is a complete, multi-source, alkaline-forming, plant-based protein blend featuring 5,500mg of BCAAs [branch-chain amino acids] and 5,000mg of glutamine per serving. Vega Sport Performance
Protein is formulated to:

  • Improve strength and exercise performance;
  • Repair and build muscles;
  • Reduce recovery time between training

Vega Sport Performance Protein includes the recent innovation of SaviSeed protein – a rich, plant-based source of the amino acid tryptophan. Tryptophan is a vital component of serotonin production.

Serotonin assists with the mental aspect of recovery. It is known as “the feel-good hormone” and it is designed to stoke your initiative to train as soon as possible after recovery.

Use Vega Sport Performance protein in conjunction with Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator for optimum results.

Take Vega Sport Performance Protein within 30 to 90 minutes after your workout or throughout the day to meet your protein needs.

Flavors: Vanilla, Chocolate & Berry

~About Vega

Vega prides itself on providing ecological, premium natural health solutions with minimal impact on the ecosystem or compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

It strives to become a zero-carbon footprint company through selective and efficient use of resources and energy whether supply, production, or consumption.

Ingredients are sourced as locally as possible, efficiently grown, minimally processed, non-GMO, organic, and raw as often as possible.

Its Vancouver BC Canada office is 100% wind –powered and nearly everything inside and outside its building epitomizes sustainable, energy-efficient, and renewable resources and practices.

Its commitment to personal and planetary health is unequivocal – the same holds true respective to snowshoers, trail runners, and other endurance athletes.

Find the Vega Sport system below at

The article was originally published on Dec 21, 2011. It was updated to include new information on March 4, 2021.



  • Jeff Kildahl is a writer, author, wellness consultant and philanthropist advancing preventive health care by synthesizing primary source nutrition and fitness as the principal components of the practice of medicine. Kildahl is a sponsored vegan ultra-endurance athlete credentialed in bioenergetics, biomechanics, metabolic efficiency™ testing, sport nutrition, and natural medicine. He is a dynamic member of CUBE™ ~ a professional speakers group ~ empowering others to harmonize the "Keys to Living in the Song of Life." He is the wellness editor at Snowshoe Magazine, United States Snowshoe Association columnist, and contributor to health, fitness and wellness sites, blogs and publications. He is a US-based ultra-endurance athlete and philanthropist for the 100 FOR 100 Movement ~ Kildahl is the creator and president of The Wholistic Edge® ~ a visionary firm providing synergistic solutions to transcend health, performance, and potential in life and sport from the inside out via the principles of Performance Medicine™ ~

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