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TSL Outdoor, a French company founded in 1981, produces innovative, high-quality snowshoes, trekking poles, and accessories using sustainable development and eco-friendly design. They took their first inspiration from traditional wooden snowshoes and produced them in plastic. Over the last 37 years, TSL Outdoor has continued to innovate to allow users to feel one with nature as they snowshoe. This guide lists their top-notch snowshoes and accessories.

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Snowshoes for Hiking
Snowshoes for Alpine Trekking
Snowshoes for Winter Running
Snowshoes for Kids
Snowshoe Accessories
Trekking Poles
Winter Racing Poles

TSL Snowshoes

TSL Outdoor produces both composite and hyperflex snowshoes. Composite snowshoes are a classic style, designed and developed for both hiking and alpine trekking. Hyperflex snowshoes have a hyper-flexible, lightweight, and ergonomic binding which adapts to the terrain to provide excellent traction. These snowshoes include the Symbioz design, a game-changer in snowshoeing. All Symbioz snowshoe options and other hyperflex snowshoes are designed for alpine trekking and winter running and are listed below.

Snowshoes for Hiking

305/325 Tour & Tour Grip- Composite Snowshoes

Snowshoes 305 & 325 TOUR GRIP : The 305 and 325 Tour features a binding that is quick and easy to adjust and provides excellent support for your foot. The perfect snowshoe for easy to moderate terrain.

More info: 305 & 325 Tour Grip

Snowshoes 305 & 325 TOUR : These offer the same characteristics as the 305/325 Tour Grip, but without the grips. For experienced snowshoe walkers. 

More info: 305 & 325 Tour



305/325 Expedition Composite Snowshoes

Snowshoes 305 & 325 EXPEDITION: Technical and stable snowshoes. The telescopic bindings use the “GLOBAL MEMORY BINDING” system and preserve your feet’s suppleness and flexibility. For unrestricted, all terrain use.

More info: 305 & 325 Expedition


217/227 Camo 
Composite Snowshoes

Snowshoes 217 & 227 CAMO : With their increased flotation, the 217 and 227 CAMO are very popular in powder snow. Technically sophisticated and offering great traction, they are simple and comfortable to use. Size is easily memorized. Heel block tightening via the instep strap is secure and reliable. For lovers of wide-open spaces.

More info: 217 & 227 Camo


Snowshoes for Alpine Trekking

Symbioz Hyperflex Elite- Hyperflex Snowshoe

Snowshoes SYMBIOZ HYPERFLEX ELITE : Fitted with the Hyperflex concept, the Symbioz Elite adapts to the hiker’s stride and the profile of the terrain. The carbon inserts add elasticity and responsiveness. Tightening comfort and speed are assured by a pre-adjustment feature that memorizes the shoe size. Its front grip, vertical blades, and 8 stainless steel crampons similar to those used in mountaineering give the shoe outstanding traction. Finally, the Easy Ascent heel lift can be activated easily with the pole. Quite simply an incredible snowshoe! Sizes available for S, M, L.

More info: Symbioz Hyperflex Elite


418/438 Up & Down Grip
– Composite Snowshoe

These models are fitted with an Up&Down lift (TSL patent) to reduce the effects of walking uphill and downhill (the back of the binding passes under the frame to keep the foot flat and prevent it from pressing against the toe of the shoe). The binding allows you to put the snowshoe on quickly, precisely, and comfortably, and it memorizes the size of your shoe. Finally, the 8 crampons, the front teeth, and the grips under each foot provide maximum traction.

More info: 418/438 Up & Down Grip




305/325 Expedition Grip- Composite Snowshoe

Snowshoes 305 & 325 EXPEDITION GRIP: Technical and stable snowshoes with exceptional grip, thanks to the lateral traction bars. The telescopic bindings use the “GLOBAL MEMORY BINDING” system and preserve your feet’s suppleness and flexibility. The perfect shoes for normal and steep trails.

More info: 305 & 325 Expedition Grip



Symbioz Hyperflex Hiker 2- Hyperflex Snowshoe

Snowshoes SYMBIOZ HYPERFLEX HIKER 2 : This model uses Hyperflex technology to ensure excellent grip and great flexibility, while the Carbon reinforcements provide very good shock absorption. The Symbioz Hyperflex Hiker 2 is ideal for multi-terrain hikers looking for a shoe that’s easy to use and which offers a natural stride as they walk. Sizes available for S, M, L.

More information: Symbioz Hyperflex Hiker 2


Symbioz Hyperflex Access- Hyperflex Snowshoe

Snowshoes SYMBIOZ HYPERFLEX ACCESS : The highly structured frame, toe crampon and 8 studs give the Symbioz Access very good grip. They are designed for winter walkers who are seeking a completely natural stride.

More info: Symbioz Hyperflex Access



Symbioz Hyperflex Motion 2- Hyperflex Snowshoe

Snowshoes SYMBIOZ HYPERFLEX MOTION 2: Version 2 of the Symbioz Motion offers an enhanced grip with 8 new stainless steel studs. These shoes retain all of the advantages of the original. They are quick to put on, comfortable and close-fitting, and the Hyperflex concept offers a wonderfully comfortable stride.

More info: Symbioz Motion 2


Symbioz Hyperflex Step-In- 
Hyperflex Snowshoe

Snowshoes SYMBIOZ HYPERFLEX STEP-IN: Combining the best of Hyperflex and Step-In technologies, this model will astonish you by its completely natural foot action, its unmatched lightness and ease of fitting.

More info: Symbioz Hyperflex Step-In




305/325 Step-In Alpine– Composite Snowshoe

Snowshoes 305/325 STEP-IN ALPINE: Light, quick to put on and take off, the Step-In binding holds the foot firmly when you’re walking quickly and going up or downhill. We’ve developed a complete range of shoes around the concept. These snowshoes will satisfy even the most demanding user!

More info: 305/325 Step-In Alpine


305/325 Excursion- 
Composite Snowshoe

Snowshoes 305 & 325 EXCURSION: A comfortable model with excellent traction. The EXCURSION telescopic binding provides a high level of foot flexibility and memorizes the shoe size and width. The instep ratchet strap is fitted with a Comfort PAD to provide precise, fast, and a comfortable fit. Finally, you’ll love the Easy Ascent heel lift, which you can activate with your pole. A great combination of comfort and technical sophistication!

More info: 305 & 325 Excursion



305/325 Ride- 
Composite Snowshoe

Snowshoes 305 & 325 RIDE : Why choose the 305/325 Ride? Because of the suppleness, speed, and simplicity they offer when you put them on, which is enhanced even further with the new front Flex tightening system. They are the perfect shoes for entry-level trails.

More info: 305 & 325 Ride



305/325 Pioneer-Composite Snowshoes

Snowshoes 305 & 325 PIONEER: These rigid snowshoes have extremely simple bindings and are ideal for rental. They are also great for beginners or walkers who prefer an easy-going trail.

More info: 305 & 325 Pioneer



Snowshoes for Winter Running

Symbioz Hyperflex Racing- Hyperflex Snowshoe

Snowshoes SYMBIOZ RACING : The Symbioz Racing has been specially designed for high-speed snowshoe enthusiasts.  Their extreme flexibility offers a completely natural-feeling stride, fantastic weight transfer and unparalleled lightness (320g per foot), making these snowshoes a natural extension of your body.

More info: Symbioz Racing

Snowshoes for Kids

302 Freeze– Composite Snowshoe


Snowshoes 302 Freeze : A sophisticated model fitted with an ultra-simple size adjustment system and two self-gripping tightening straps, it offers excellent traction through its 3D design, 6 crampons and front teeth. It’s got everything the big boys have.

More info: 302 Freeze



302 Rookie- Composite Snowshoe
New Kiddo!-
 Composite Snowshoe

Snowshoes 302 ROOKIE : In addition to its 3D design frame, the superb traction offered by its 6 crampons and its front teeth. You’ll also love the 302 Rookie because it’s so easy to adjust.

More info: 302 Rookie

Snowshoes KIDOO: Easy to put on, these snowshoes are the perfect way to show your child the magic of a mountain walk.

More info: Kidoo


Snowshoe Accessories 

Claws S5-S6

  • Unmatched grip on hard snow
  • Easy to install
  • Removable claws

for TSL 205/225 /206/226/305/325

More info: Claws


Grips 418/438

• for TSL 418 & 438
• Maximum grip on hard snow
• Fixed grip

More info: Grips 418/438


Grips 305/325

• for TSL 305, 325
• Maximum grip on hard snow
• Fixed grip

More info: Grips 305/325

Snowshoe Covers

  • Allows for transport and storing of snowshoes

More info: Snowshoe Covers



Trekking Poles

TSL Outdoor trekking poles are manufactured in aluminum or carbon and consist of either 2,3, 4, or 5 sections. Poles designed by TSL help one balance more effectively and reduce the amount of effort required, which helps one move more easily in snowshoeing, hiking, or cross-country skiing. Find more information on TSL’s trekking pole options for your snowshoeing adventures this season.

Winter Racing Poles

The winter racing poles manufactured by TSL are 1 part poles made up of 70/100% carbon. There are 4 versions available with various levels of grip. Find more information on the winter racing poles available so you can be prepared for your next snowshoe race.


TSL Outdoor designs a wide variety of gaiters in S-XL sizes, all of which will keep your feet dry in wet snow. Find the gaiter that works for your trek.


The backpacks designed by TSL Outdoor are made of light, but tough material, and have a wide variety of features including a breathable back, compression straps, gear slings, and watertight zippers. Look at the backpacks available to determine the right one for you.


TSL Outdoor flasks are designed to keep liquids hot or cold for 24 hours so you can remain hydrated while snowshoeing or performing other outdoor activities. Explore the flask options for your next adventure.

Find all your other gear needs at the website for TSL Outdoor.

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