The Shufflers Shuffled Well at the 2004 Snowshoe Shuffle

Another Snowshoe Shuffle for the books, the 2004 event brought in more than 800 snowshoers to Vail, Colo.

Organized and hosted by the Vail Valley Medical Center Foundation, with the assistance of Highline Sports and Entertainment (the company that organizes the Beaver Creek Snowshoe Adventure Series), a great day for snowshoeing ensued. Although many questioned snow conditions – many asked if there would be enough snow on Vail Mountain to accommodate the hordes of energized snowshoers – the event was a grinning success.

Spring was in the air as shufflers gathered to compete in their age category within 5K and 10K races. The 10K track circled throughout Vail Mountain, climbing its elevation and then gradually dropping near the final stretch. The 5K was literally straight up…and then straight down – a test of snowshoeing abilities for all who participated.

**History byte: The Snowshoe Shuffle began in 1994, with 175 participants and 25 volunteers, and today is recognized as the “Largest Snowshoe Race in the Country.” According to, 70 percent of all participants run in honor of someone who has suffered from cancer, survived cancer, or lost their life to cancer (5 percent of race participants are cancer survivors themselves).**

The 11th Annual Snowshoe Shuffle raised funds for cancer prevention, education and early detection programs. And, 100 percent of the Shuffle net proceeds are invested in the aforementioned programs, as directed by the Women’s Cancer Coalition, operating under the sponsorship of Vail Valley Medical Center Foundation.

The Women’s Cancer Coalition consists of a group of dedicated individuals specifically committed to fundraising through special events and programs, benefiting cancer awareness in the Colorado mountain communities of Eagle, Summit and Lake Counties.

Here are the results of The 2004 Snowshoe Shuffle (organized by category, age group and top five finishers):

Female 5K No Age Category:

1. Vanessa Lewis-Debeer
2. Cayla Bluhm
3. SallyAnn Bluhm
4. Maria Ammaturo
5. Krista Schoenberg

Female 5K 19 and Under

1. Rylce McMillin
2. Tara Lemasters
3. Lauren Eisenbach
4. Megan Muehlethaler
5. Kate Gray

Female 10K 20-29

1. Helen Cospolich
2. Kristi Pillifant
3. Shannon Galpin
4. Megan Boord
5. Anne Brown

Female 5K 20-29

1. Jessie Kovats
2. Karoline Lamer
3. Sara Fahrney
4. Molly Maynard
5. Brooke Kirkpatrick
6. Katie Klehr (an honorable mention for one of Snowshoe Magazine’s writers)

Female 10K 30-39

1. Julie Hudetz
2. Sarah Giovagnoli
3. Cynthia Brochman
4. Katie Arnot
5. Cait Boyd-Hilmer

Female 5K 30-39

1. Christine Pierangeli
2. Korn Opp
3. Michele Rewold
4. Helga Adasz
5. Bonnie Cole

Female 10K 40-49

1. Jeanne Blatter
2. Colleen Innken
3. Lynne Perry
4. Cici Franklin
5. Virginia Bradley

Female 5K 40-49

1. Heidi Vosbeck
2. Kim Montague
3. Nancy Pruckno
4. Gail Muehlethaler
5. Lynn Benson

Female 10K 50+

1. Ebby Pinson
2. Sharon Crawford
3. Kate Bodehemier

Female 5K 50+

1. Kathleen Fenton
2. Debbie Kline
3. Debbie McCabe
4. Joanne Kleinstein
5. Patti Townsend

Male 5K – No Age Category

1. Steve Degenhardt
2. Sawyer Bluhm
3. Christopher Lang
4. Jeff Booths
5. Paul Krasnow

Male 5K 19 and Under

1. Andy Wentzel
2. Ben Muehlethaler
3. Chris Purse
4. Joseph Keegan

Male 10K 20-29

1. Lance Arnold
2. Joel Lindau
3. Jonathan Boord
4. Harold Hark
5. Kevin Mooney

Male 5K 20-29

1. Greg Goforth
2. Dan Gibbs
3. Luke Boyer
4. Brandon Backner
5. Erik Kreider

Male 10K 30-39

1. Christopher Smith
2. Frank Lorenti
3. Scott McClarrinon
4. Loren Dumont
5. Mark Frazier

Male 5K 30-39

1. Adam Chase
2. Aaron Fink
3. Mark Miller
4. Chris Keating
5. Glen Delman

Male 10K 40-49

1. Bernie Boettcher
2. Charlie Wertheim
3. Dan Nielson
4. Andy Crisconi
5. Karl Edgerton

Male 5K 40-49

1. Mark Rickman
2. Gordon Ling
3. Brent Merten
4. Rick Schmelzer
5. Nate Free

Male 10K 50+

1. Benedictus Kok
2. John Schwartz
3. Paul Gotthelf
4. Irv Ray
5. Lex Pinson

Male 5K 50+

1. Larry Rose
2. Erik Carlson
3. Bob Owens
4. Jeff Forbes
5. Danny Harper