Snowshoe Magazine Launches Digital Buyer’s Guide for Snowshoes and Accessories

Snowshoe Magazine, the Internet’s No. 1 resource for all things related to the sport of snowshoeing, has launched a buyer’s guide for snowshoes and accessories.

“Initially, the mission of Snowshoe Magazine focused on reporting and communicating the benefits of snowshoeing as a sport and lifestyle,” said Ryan Alford, owner and founder of Snowshoe Magazine. “By debuting the snowshoe gear guide for our readers, it bridges the gap between our coverage over the past nine years and now providing vital information about the products available on the market today. It’s what our readers have been requesting for a long time.”

The gear guide is organized by snowshoe manufacturer and type of snowshoe, including Men’s Snowshoes, Women’s Snowshoes, Kids’ Snowshoes, Hiking Snowshoes, Running Snowshoes, Backcountry Snowshoes, Snowshoe Kits, Woodframe Snowshoes, and Accessories.

Each snowshoe product in the buyer’s guide features a description, photos, video (if available), technical specifications, MSRP, and a “buy now” link. In addition, Snowshoe Magazine readers can provide a user review of each snowshoe listed in the gear guide, which includes a rating on a five-star scale.

“User-generated reviews are essential to the success of this gear guide,” explained Alford. “The more snowshoes and accessories that are added to this guide, the more opportunities our snowshoer community can dictate what’s superior and what’s inferior. Over time, people will visit for all the answers to their snowshoeing questions—what to buy and where to go.”

To celebrate the launch of the snowshoe gear guide—and to generate some excitement—Snowshoe Magazine is giving away a pair of snowshoes to one lucky winner via

“ has been a wonderful retail partner and they have a great selection of snowshoes,” said Alford. “To enter to win, just write a review on our new gear guide. Each review counts as one entry into the contest. The deadline for entry is December 21.”


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Ryan Alford

Ryan Alford is the founder of Snowshoe Magazine and River Sports Magazine. He now spends his days in Texas working for Lockheed Martin but dreaming of being back in the mountains of his home state of Colorado.

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