Guided Snowshoe Tour With a Naturalist in Madison, NH

Snowshoeing is a great compromise for the family that includes varied winter recreation preferences (skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, etc.).  This winter snowshoe with the family in Madison, New Hampshire.

Purity Spring Resort has partnered with Tin Mountain Conservation Center (TMCC) to bring guided snowshoe tours of the NH Audubon Hoyt Wildlife Sanctuary to the resort. Led by naturalist and TMCC Outreach Coordinator Heather McKendry, the guided tours will be offered to guests staying at the resort, and the public may participate, too. The partnership will also give resort guests free access to TMCC’s programs on their trails and facilities.

Purity Spring’s Marketing Director, Thomas Prindle, explained, “As a Supporting Partner of the Tin Mountain Conservation Center, Purity Spring Resort aligns many opportunities to enjoy outdoor recreation with their efforts to foster a greater awareness and understanding of the natural environment. In addition to being able to offer custom guided tours of the NH Audubon Hoyt Wildlife Sanctuary right here at the resort, we provide our guests additional access to the Tin Mountain Conservation Center and the ability to participate in the programs they offer throughout the year.”

group of snowshoers snowshoeing up a hill

Enjoy a tour in partnership with Purity Springs Resort and the Tin Mountain Conservation Center. Photo: Purity Spring Resort

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About the Tours

For nature and history aficionados, there are several snowshoe tour dates this season: Saturday, February 4; Saturday, March 4; and Wednesday, February 22. Each tour starts at 11 am.

The Hoyt Wildlife Sanctuary has 135 acres and 2.4 miles (3.8 kilometers) of trails full of rich history. These trails are part of 1,400 acres originally purchased and homesteaded by Edward Hoyt Sr, with family roots dating back to the 1800s. Purity Lake, which borders the Sanctuary, was dammed in the late 1700s by European settlers who built a mill in East Madison that was also acquired by Hoyt Sr. Then, in 1914, the homestead succumbed to fire and served as the location of a girl’s camp between 1934 and 1977. The sanctuary land was bequeathed to NH Audubon in 1991.

In addition to the history, the naturalist tours and short-looped trails in the sanctuary also feature geological and sanctuary features associated with glacial deposits in the last ice age. The white pine is the dominant tree species, along with northern hardwoods. You’ll also find diverse wildlife in the sanctuary, which includes winter finches, bobcats, foxes, coyotes, and more.

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To Sign Up

The guided snowshoe tour is available in the Guided Snowshoe Tour package with Purity Spring accommodations. This package includes overnight lodging (2-night min stay), breakfast in the Traditions Café, and the tour. For the lodging package, check with Purity Spring Resort to make a reservation. The package rate starts at $398 for two adults (taxes and fees not included).

The public can also participate in the tour (no lodging) at $15 per person. Also, some snowshoe rentals are available through King Pine Rental and Tune Shop. Make sure to reserve in advance and pick up rental gear well prior to the start of the guided tour.

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About the Resort

Purity Spring Resort is associated with King Pine Ski Area in Madison, NH, with 50 skiable acres, five ski lifts (plus an additional lift for the tubing hill), 17 trails, and a 350-foot vertical. The family-friendly ski area is in a valley in the White Mountains National Forest,  and it has the longest-running recreational and instructional ski camp in the country (since 1939).

King Pine has been making memories for family vacations for generations. The resort’s specialty is for families who want to discover destinations that will engage parents and kids together. Moreover, it is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year!

Excitingly, the snowshoe program and partnership with the Conservation Center will continue in future winters and transform into guided hiking tours in the summer, too.

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