Photos To Inspire You To Snowshoe Silver Lake, CA

Silver Lake rests up against the Carson Mountain Range in northern California along the border of California and Nevada. Part of the Sierra Nevadas, Silver Lake is a haven for fishers in the summertime. However, in winter, it can be a snowshoers paradise. The lake lies at 7,200 feet (2195 m) and offers peace, serenity, and breathtaking views over the 6-mile (9.7 km) course around the lake.

Silver Lake CA

I zoomed in with the camera, wanting to highlight the couloir, which did have ski tracks running down it.

open area, mountains in background, sun high in sky

Majestic. Grandeur. The Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Snowshoe tracks Silver Lake CA

A snowshoe outing can define serenity.

water and trees

Winter’s pathways for aquatic life, as well as waterfowl

tree in Silver Lake

Resiliency. Strength.

June Lake

Snowshoeing and xc-skiing are popular winter activities at June Lake. Where the snowplow stops clearing the road is where the fun begins, which is closer to Silver Lake than the actual June Lake.

open field with cabin and trees

Summer cabins sit idle.

Carson Peak in Silver Lake

Carson Peak dominates the viewscape above Silver Lake, Eastern Sierra Nevada

snowshoe tracks with poles

A set of snowshoe tracks were laid down before me, breaking trail, making my way a little less strenuous.

many thin trees

The feeling of deep winter rests in my bones, while the blue sky lightens my mood.

trail with many trees on each side

Scenes like this harken my mind’s eye to then cue up the music: Walkin’ On a Country Road. Can you hear James Taylor?!

breaking own trail

Eventually, I broke trail and later on walked back on my own tracks.

snowshoe tracks with poles on left

The Eastern Sierra gets tens of feet of snow dumped on it each winter.

open area with three trees

Silver Lake, California, is also a popular summer destination, where fishing can be had, along with hiking.

rockface with tracks, Silver Lake CA

A backcountry snowboarder laid down his tracks.

tracks on left, sun in sky, trees on right, Silver Lake CA

Winter sun shines, though with the gusty winds adding a chill, it felt like somewhere around 16 degrees F.

Have you ever snowshoed Silver Lake in northern California? Share your photos below in the comments!

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  • Is there legal parking nearby that you can use in the winter while snowshoeing here? If so, where is it?

    • Hi Ann, Thanks for reaching out with your question! I reached out to the writer of the article, and this was his response:

      In winter, where the snowplow stops plowing the road that goes to Silver Lake from June Lake, there is parking on the left. You cannot miss it. Simply drive on the snow-plowed road to the end, and you’ll see parking on the left. The parking area is a couple of hundred feet before the actual spot where the snowplow stops. Do NOT park right there, as you could get parked in if someone parks behind you. The parking area on the left is easy to spot.

      I hope this helps! If you have any other questions, feel free to let us know. Happy snowshoeing! -Susan, SSM Editor

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