Gear Review: Gordini GTX Storm Trooper Gloves

3G1042__04The story goes that you apparently lose around 75 percent of body heat through your head, hands and feet. This has never really been proved or disproved, but it makes sense when you consider that all three are almost always exposed to the elements. Keeping the extremities warm has long been a big priority for the outdoor enthusiast, when it comes to choosing head-gear, socks and gloves. With the latter, there’s one company that stands out: Gordini. They’ve been in business since 1956 and have set out to produce functional and quality products ever since. Using both natural products and the best in synthetics, Gordini products ensure you stay warm in the coldest of conditions.

Their GTX Storm Trooper gloves are made for just that purpose.

2012_Gordini_3G1042-BGUsing goatskin at the fingers, palm and trim – reputed to be nature’s strongest and most abrasive resistant type of leather – these gloves have a distinct edge. It makes them both hard-wearing and lightweight. To line the glove, Gordini uses hydrowick microdenier lining – a 100 percent spun polyester microfibre – which is designed to “wick” moisture away from the hands. Add microporous GORE-TEX to the mix, with its durability, its waterproof protection and its breathable comfort, and you have a glove which will resist nearly all that Mother Nature can throw at you.

The glove is insulated with Megaloft, a brushed synthetic fleece which is aerated and superbly soft. Storm Trooper’s fully adjustable wrist strap tightens the glove onto your wrist comfortably, and the gauntlet cinch closure can be drawn up to keep snow, wind and rain out and the warmth in. There’s no loss in dexterity either as the fingers are pre-curved giving superior grip. It makes little difference if you’re holding ski poles or a set of keys.

You can use these gloves with confidence in single figure temperatures accompanied by the strongest of wind chill. With pockets on top for Gordini heatrap heater packs, to further enhance your experience, numb hands will be a thing of the past.

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