Free Downloadable Posters! North American Snowshoe Racing 2014-2015

Amber Ferreira racing and winning the 2014 USSSA National Championships in Vermont (photo Joe Viger)

Amber Ferreira racing and winning the 2014 USSSA National Championships in Vermont (photo Joe Viger)

Five easy pieces! No, not the famous Jack Nicholson film riding “The Fast Lane on the Road to Nowhere,” but rather the five United States Snowshoe Association and the International Snowshoe Federation racing posters on the road to the finish line, fitness and fun, fun, fun! Click them, enjoy them, then print them. Use paper if you want to distribute them or posterboard if you want to mount them on the wall. I’m comfortable someone will develop a poster montage so send an image of your work to me []. Snowshoe Magazine will publish it with your credit on Facebook. Just note this article title in the subject part of the email. There’s never been a bigger year for snowshoeing in North America, so decorate now. Here is a preview of what you will find:

The Junior Nationals poster features Paul Smith College athlete Sarah Butler in a dramatic, off-the-ground photo by Joe Viger: 2015 USSSA Junior Nationals FlyerPDF1.

Calling all current members of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines or National Guard: Race for the 2015 Dion Snowshoes U.S. National Snowshoe Championships February 27-March 12, 2015 at enchanting Eau Claire, Wisconsin.  This poster feature’s Army’s Bill Raitter of Nevada by Steve Sanders: 2015 USSSA All-Military Div. FlyerPDF.

International snowshoers (non-U.S. citizens): come earn your award while racing snowshoes at Eau Claire, Wisconsin’s Lowes Creek Park! The top 10 international men and women in each event will earn recognition. Spain’s Nacho Hernando is the featured Joe Viger photo for this poster:                                        2015 USSSA Intl Div. Flyer1PDF.

The World Snowshoe Championships presented by Atlas Snow-Shoe Company lands in Quebec City, Canada for the January 31, 2015 race; but don’t come then. Come earlier and take in all the racing staged at the Winter World Masters Games and the largest festival of its type, the Quebec Winter Carnival: 2015 USSSA World Snowshoe Championships Poster.

The International Snowshoeing Federation version of the Winter World Masters Games recognizes the 2015 demonstration sport status of snowshoeing. No better representative on this panoramic poster than Atlas Snow-Shoe Company racing team member Richard Bolt (Joe Viger photo):                           2015 USSSA ATLAS WC Bolt FlyerPDF2.

Mark Elmore for the USSSA and the ISSF encourages all to “Post these flyers and posters in your stores and places of business. Pass them along to friends in the military. Pass them along to high school and college coaches in your areas. Distribute these at your events and announce and promote them all season long. We want to see our 2015 National Snowshoe Championships in Eau Claire and the Winter World Masters Games be the biggest and best yet.”



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