Class IV Laser Therapy for Diabetic Neuropathy and Why Cortisone Injections Don’t Work

Do you have feet and legs that feel NUMB?

Have you gotten a cortisone injection and your pain came back?

Why not try Natural Laser Pain Therapy that WORKS!

Let’s Start with Neuropathy

Diabetic Neuropathy or numbness, tingling, burning, shooting pain of the legs and feet in those individuals who have diabetes is a devastating condition. Not only can the legs and feet be effected, so too can the arms and hands.

DSC09348What Causes Neuropathy?

The condition begins by first understanding that nerves do not have an external blood supply. Blood vessels that supply essential nutrients to nerve cells are located within the nerves themselves. Injured nerves therefore interrupt their own blood supply resulting in atrophy. This atrophy makes it more and more difficult for normal nerve conduction to take place and nerve sensations such as numbness, tingling, burning and sharp pain are felt.

Class IV Laser Therapy jump starts the healing process by stimulating energy (ATP) production inside cells. This speeds the healing process and reduces inflammation.

Next, elasticity and function of the blood vessels of the nerves is improved and communication from one nerve cell to another is increased.

The end result for you is NO MORE Tingling, NO MORE Burning, NO MORE Numbness, and NO MORE Pain!

Now, let’s turn our attention to cortisone injections.

Have you had one or more cortisone injections and your pain is back?

Here are 5 reasons NOT to get a cortisone injection:

No. 1: Cortisone Injections Only Mask the Pain
Pain after an injury is often due to swelling and inflammation of the tissues involved; cortisone injections reduce this inflammation giving you relief from the pain. However, the bad news is that by masking this pain you may participate in activities that will further damage the tissues. As a result there is a reduction in tissue strength and your likelihood of re-injury is higher.

No. 2: Cortisone Injections Prevent Your Body from Protecting Itself
Muscle spasm and muscle guarding are two conditions we think of as bad when actually it is your body’s way of protecting itself from further injury. By decreasing range of motion and mobility your body is setting up the healing process. Cortisone injections prevent muscle guarding and spasm, which again leaves you prone to further injury. Additional injury is associated with delayed healing, increased accumulation of scar tissue and less complete recovery.

No. 3: Cortisone Injections Create More Scar Tissue
Healing damaged connective tissue, take for example ligaments of your knee, is a race against time. Cortisone injections slow the healing process by interfering with the cells that clean up debris and injured tissue products. This slowing down of the healing process allows for more debris to be left in your tissues than the body can handle and what you get is a large pile of scar tissue.

No. 4: Cortisone Injections Weaken Healthy Connective Tissue
Scar tissue is much less flexible than healthy connective tissue. More flexible healthy tissue can stretch farther before tearing than less flexible scar tissue, which will tear relatively easily in comparison.

No. 5: Blocking the Inflammation Process Also Stops the Healing
Inflammation is the body’s primary way of healing itself. Cortisone injections and other anti-inflammatory medications such as Advil, Aleve and Ibuprofen, can seriously delay healing of injured tissue and the accumulation of scar tissue, which leads to, weakened muscles, tendons, ligaments, fascia and bone. Cortisone injections do NOT speed healing but slow down the healing process.

Dr. Paul Burns is a Chiropractor specializing in pain management and sports injuries. He has worked with many college and pro teams, including the Denver Broncos, the ATP and Wrangler Sports. His multidisciplinary practice is located in the Denver Tech Center and offers the latest in evidenced based practice methodology, techniques and technology.

For more information, visit and/or call 303-694-9759.


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Dr. Paul Burns

Dr. Paul Burns is a Chiropractor specializing in pain management and sports injuries. He has worked with many college and pro teams, including the Denver Broncos, the ATP, and Wrangler Sports. His multidisciplinary practice is located in Englewood, CO, and offers the latest evidence-based practice methodology, techniques, and technology. For more information, visit

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