Gear Review: KEEN Olympus Lite Crew Socks

You can own the best hiking boots on the planet, but if your feet aren’t equally protected by the socks you wear, then the shortest hike can seem like a painful marathon. Those contraptions on the ends of your legs … Continue reading

Pocket Rockets: Injinji’s Ex-Celerator Compression Toesocks

Add Injinji’s unique glove-for-your-feet with the known benefits of compression socks—what do you get? Pocket rockets, like in poker when two aces are dealt to you, an immediate strong hand. We know Injinji’s Compression Socks as pocket rockets for the … Continue reading

Toasty Toes

This winter, keep your feet warm with Dahlgren socks.

Let’s face it: Socks are technical. Sure, they’re not as complicated as shoes or boots, but these days you can spend upwards of $60 on a pair that cushions, squeezes, breathes, … Continue reading

Up Close and Personal with a New Line of Injinji Toesocks

I’ve been a big fan of Injinji socks for quite some time now, even before many of my ultra running and adventure racing friends tried on a pair.  So, I was excited to have a chance to try socks from … Continue reading

Gear Review: Dahlgren Hiking Socks

You might want to rethink your next COSTCO pack of white athletic socks. They’re a convenient purchase, but they’re pretty terrible at what socks are meant to do. Here’s why: When your cotton-covered feet sweat or get wet, which they’ll … Continue reading

Gear Review: Dahlgren Socks

Something’s afoot at Dahlgren’s, and the plot (and socks) are thickening.

The American-based company has become a master of wool-gathering, and your feet will thank you for it.

I’ve been testing out two pairs of the socks, a winter heavyweight … Continue reading

Columbia Sportswear’s Accessories for your Extremities

Gathering Storm Short Glove: Hand Picked Warmth

Columbia’s glove line is quite expansive: from thin fleece liners perfect for trail running to their award-winning beefy, weather-resistant Bugaglove Max Electric. But most of the time, the world outside your front door … Continue reading

Icebreaker Socks Designed With Snowshoers in Mind

I've mentioned it before, and I'll mention it again: Merino wool is all the rage nowadays.  The difference with many companies is how the wool is handled before going into commercial production and the overall design of the gear.  Icebreaker stands by its wool, which originates in the mountains of New Zealand.  The company also stands by its designs.  I believe the Icebreaker's socks are designed and manufactured with snowshoers in mind: They wick-away moisture, protect with an additional layer, and are designed to support all foot types.  They can also withstand a great amount of pressure and abuse during a long snowshoe race or backcountry outing.

Salomon Fastpacker Light Merino Crew Socks Ideal for Snowshoe Racers

Merino wool is all the rage nowadays.  Salomon socks certainly offer what outdoor enthusiasts have come to expect from Merino wool (combined with Nylon, Acrylic, NanoGLIDE and Lycra).  Following this recipe, Salomon created the Fastpacker Light Merino Crew Socks.  Engineered for lightweight hiking and backpacking, the Fastpacker socks provide the durability and warmth that snowshoers require in combination with a reliable winter/waterproof boot or shoe.  

Create a V-Box Combo from Goldtoe Moretz

This is almost a secret combo, only discovered at Snowshoe Magazine by accident. Even GoldToe does not know of it.  Why, you ask? Open your mind and prepare to be surprised!

Gear Review: Darn Tough Boot Socks

I always find that socks are a “hit or miss” for an avid snowshoer.  Usually, my toes are the extremities to get cold first while snowshoeing.  But this phenomenon is common among us snowshoers.  Our feet are important! With Darn Tough boot socks, the difference is the high density Merino wool and cushioning that offer more than the average pair of socks for snowshoeing.  Long-lasting warmth helped keep me on the trail.

PowerSox for Boots Found in Cahoots With Feet!

When Goldtoe Moretz developed the powerful PowerSox Merino Wool Boot Sock, they must have thought they should receive all of the credit for creating such a comfortable, cushioned sock. Our investigation uncovered a happy clue. A photo reveals the source.