Gear Review: GoMotion Sternum Luxeon LED Kit

When I first used the GoMotion Sternum kit, it was as if I was snowshoeing with a big headlight on my chest.  "That thing makes you look like Ironman with his 'glowing repulsor' heart," my snowshoeing buddy said.  Of course, nerdy comment aside, I did feel like Ironman; I discovered that an LED light makes the surrounding snow glow.  This nifty "glowing" effect comes in handy around dusk, when the sun drops below the mountains and darkness starts to set in.  I was automatically in love with my GoMotion light.  Every snowshoer needs one of these, in case it does get dark during a snowshoe outing.

Gear Review: Petzl Ultra Belt Headlamp

“Holy Smokes, that's bright!” Those were the first words to come out of my mouth the first time I took the new Petzl Ultra Belt headlamp out for a test run. Well, okay, those weren't actually the ‘exact' words I said, but you get the idea.

Gear Review: Petzl Headlamps

Winter is now here, and with it, comes shortened hours of daylight. This almost guarantees that most people will end up doing at least some of their snowshoeing or snowshoe running after dark. With that in mind, a headlamp becomes a vital piece of winter training equipment.