Bussing the Excuse Tray: Wilderness Athlete’s Wild C8 MCT Powder

With one fell swoop of an arm, clear your personal Excuse Tray with Wilderness Athlete’s Wild C8 MCT Powder. Destroy that carrier of alibis you hold so dear. Obliterate the pretense why today you just can’t–woe is me–make the start of your event. Perhaps you arrive late to meet your regular group, just half-heartedly try when you do, whether a hunt, swim, ski, snowshoe, run, climb, motocross, power walk, you name it.

Instead of joining the conversation with bantering, “Oh, I’m recovering” or “I don’t feel my best,” or “You won’t believe what happened to me,” upgrade your thinking.  Excuses they are, picking those blocks off the tray, so easy to do, with the feeble apprehensions already there for you to access. Just read ‘em off like clockwork failings. The delete-habit key is yours; use it.

Why not put the load on our back to go out today and give it our best? Achieving or even attempting to requires risk. What if we fail? Failure teaches; learn, embrace it like a scruffy friend.

woman shooting archery- Wilderness Athlete

A customized Excuse Tray offers an assortment of pardons from which to pull. Select a few, those blocks of self-justification we pick up and read like so many times before. It soothes so. May I have another? Of course, no one cares; they’re too busy picking blocks off their own tray.

And everyone wants to share theirs with you. Negative Nellies diseasing one another.

Wilderness Athlete Wild C8 MCT Powder: Eclipsing Excuses

Today, add Wilderness Athletes’ new Wild C8 MCT Powder to your drink, a tasteless additive, nitro for the soul, and sail that Excuse Tray away like a kid throwing a frisbee. Off it goes, disappearing from your consciousness. Confidence replaces the space, overcoming anxieties tingling on your arms and legs. Not likely, you say? Your doubt adds yet another cube on the Excuse Tray, a brick stacking your wall tall. Stop it; instead, understand why Wild C8 MCT Powder becomes your magic potion:

ketone diagram- Wilderness Athlete

Note that fat is one of the most beneficial macronutrients in your diet.

However, it is often the first substance removed from formulas for optimal health and performance, thanks to decades of well-financed “fatphobia” campaigns.

Enter medium-chain triglycerides known as MCTs

Fat molecules look like rats. Envision a body with a long, thin tail (called chains) with a specific number of carbons. Each carbon is a triglyceride. The difference in tail length—the number of carbons—gives each MCT a specialized benefit dependent on your desired outcome. Also, the length of the rat’s tail determines how it behaves in your body, and the key becomes fat-adaptation (known as ketosis).

The shorter the chain (the lower the number), the faster the body converts fatty acids to energy in the form of ketones. This allows for optimal digestion, absorption, and assimilation. Transportation of MCTs into the mitochondrial membranes is independent of the L-carnitine system because the processing occurs in the liver.

runner- lakes half marathon

1st annual Jeff Winter City of Lakes Half Marathon

Ketones are acids made in your liver when an insulin shortage prohibits the conversion of sugar (carbohydrate) into energy. Endogenous fat, meaning fat we already carry, becomes the primary fuel source, a process called Metabolic Efficiency™.

Your liver converts fat into ketones and flushes them into your bloodstream for your muscles and other tissues to use for fuel. Ketosis is a normal metabolic function and much more efficient than burning glucose for fuel.

Keep in mind there are consequences for fueling your body with bad food, like fueling your vehicle with low-grade gasoline, and the MCT type you choose to ingest.

Wilderness Athlete’s (WA) Wild C8 MCT Powder uses premium MCT 8, medium-chain fatty acids (MCFAs). MCTs are easily digested and provide several health benefits due to its shorter carbon lengths.

Four Types of MCTs

1- Caproic acid  MCT 6
2- Caprylic acid  MCT 8
3- Capric acid    MCT 10
4- Lauric acid     MCT 12

The beauty of WA Wild C8 MCT powder shows in the range of benefits from this premium blend. It not only provides immediate energy and enhanced cognition but stronger antifungal and antimicrobial effects found in MCT 10 and MCT 12, respectively. MCT 6 has a rancid taste and causes digestive issues.

The Key to Wellness: Utilizing Ketones as Fuel

Ketones represent the preferred fuel of your brain and the most efficient fuel source for your body. Higher levels of ketones impart a plethora of benefits beyond coconut oil (which acts like a long-chain triglyceride) or low-grade MCT products. Find below a new tray of benefits, not excuses:

  • Enhanced cognition;
  • Increased energy;
  • Mental clarity;
  • Satiation;
  • Weight management;
  • Fat loss;
  • Lowers cholesterol;
  • Reduced inflammation;
  • Swift recovery from exertion;
  • Enhanced focus;
  • Fights infection and viruses;
  • Balanced hormones;
  • Improved digestion, absorption; assimilation;
  • Reduced risk for chronic/degenerative diseases;
  • Diabetes management;
  • Reduced lactate accumulation;
  • Manage epilepsy, Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, Crohn’s disease;
  • Combat yeast and bacterial growth;
  • And more!

Wilderness Athlete offers Precision Vision’s (and here) phytonutrients and potent botanical extracts for eye health. Now endurance athletes, hikers, hunters, sportspeople as a whole, enjoy the possible: precision nutrition for the body.

You prefer carbohydrates (CHO) as a primary fuel source as intensity increases, but optimizing endurance performance necessitates fat adaptation.

WSSF women's snowshoe racers

The foremost nutrition limiter to endurance sport performance becomes depleted glycogen stores. Reliance by many athletes on carbohydrates as their primary fuel source remains pervasive and indefensible. It sabotages one’s potential thanks to gastrointestinal issues (GI distress) and other side effects.

            Key to peak performance: Metabolic Efficiency™ (or Fat Adaptation)

This concept manifests sports performance excellence because of your diet not in spite of it. A by-product is its innumerable benefits respective to health markers.

Metabolic Efficiency™ is the body’s ability to utilize its endogenous stores of carbohydrates and fat at varying intensities and duration of exercise and rest.

The Issue

The body shifts its primary fuel source from fat to carbohydrates as intensity levels increase. This shift is an ineffective route to optimal health and sports performance.

motorcycle jump- Wilderness Athlete

Most commercial sports drinks are composed of simple sugars (sucrose or fructose) or maltodextrin. Poor dietary choices, along with increased carbohydrate ingestion on the trails induces quick energy in exchange for insulin resistance. In addition, it leads to a vicious, unhealthy cycle of blood sugar spikes and crashes.

The desired outcome is to preserve glycogen until needed at maximum intensity. Insulin sensitivity is paramount to this process, and it is attainable only via ketosis. Moreover, findings indicate a beneficial effect of dietary MCT C8 in endurance performance through the increase of mitochondrial biogenesis and metabolism.

WA C8 MCT  powder helps teach your body to remain in ketosis to optimize performance and health. Ketosis is a metabolic state that promotes insulin sensitivity absent bankruptcy.

Mark Paulsen- Wilderness Athlete

“You can do better at whatever it is with Wilderness Athlete.” Coach Mark Paulsen, Founder

Wilderness Athlete’s WILD MCT Powder rates 95% pure C8  to optimize fueling your brain and muscles while providing additional health benefits. Its powdered form will mitigate GI distress often accompanied by ingesting too much MCT Oil or low-grade MCT products. Our trail and race tests doubled the recommended amounts without any problems. However, make sure to test your own tolerance before any significant event just like you test new shoes; break them in.

Incorporating Wilderness Athlete WILD C8 MCT Powder

Incorporating  WA WILD C8 MCT powder in your lifestyle insures a surefire way to advance a truce in the ceaseless ghrelin/leptin war. A hormone that increases appetite, Grehlin the gremlin plays a significant role in weight management. Leptin is its hormonal counterpart made by fat cells to induce satiation.

wilderness athlete woman posing on mountainside

The beauty of C8 MCT powder? Its ability to utilize a faster, cleaner, more abundant, and efficient fuel source (endogenous fat) than glucose. Think ketosis versus carbohydrates and take your wellness and performance to unparalleled levels today. Like cleaning up at a restaurant, bus any further Excuse Blocks into the nearest garbage can.

Find Wilderness Athlete WILD C8 MCT and bundled options here.

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