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Originally from Baton Rouge, Mary Syrett is a freelance writer and photographer who holds degrees from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. Her articles have appeared in a variety of popular magazines.


Snowshoeing on Campus

So, you really enjoy cold weather when you’re in college but are unsure of yourself on skis. That’s OK. Snowshoeing is an ideal way to get around on campus after snow has fallen. In the wintertime, taking a relaxing walk … Continue reading

Snowshoeing In and Around America’s Snowiest City

Geographically speaking, Valdez, Alaska enjoys two unique claims. It is the northernmost port in North America that is ice-free year-round, which explains why it is the terminus of the Alaska pipeline. It is also the northernmost point of the coastal … Continue reading

Snowshoeing Around Spearfish, South Dakota

So, you enjoy wintry weather but don’t like to climb on ice, are not a fan of sitting in a tire and schussing down a hill, and are somewhat unsure of yourself on skis. That’s okay. Snowshoeing is an ideal … Continue reading

Snowshoeing Around North Dakota

It’s that time of year again—when residents of North Dakota and many people fond of cold weather seek ways to enjoy the snowy season without following the geese south. Yes, indeed, it’s snowshoeing season.

Snowshoeing involves walking on snow. More … Continue reading

Bigfootin’ It Around Michigan

Change is the essence of life, yet a person occasionally finds some ancient implement so well conceived that it defies time and progress. Among such rarities is the snowshoe, an aid to winter travel that dates back to antiquity.

Snowshoes … Continue reading

Part Two: Making Tracks on Mt. Hood

Snowshoe Magazine
When some people begin hiking on snowshoes, they develop what French-Canadian trappers called mal de racquette - snowshoe sickness. This involves a cramped contraction of muscles in the leg and instep that can disable a person for days. To avoid this malady, snowshoe only an hour or so the first time out. Lengthen the sessions gradually on successive outings.

Part One: Making Tracks on Mt. Hood

Snowshoe Magazine
When snow begins to blanket the area east of Portland, thousands of cross country skiers and snowmobilers head for their favorite winter playgrounds. For an increasing number of Oregon cold weather enthusiasts, however, snowshoes are becoming the preferred mode of transportation; sometimes for work, oftentimes for play. Snowshoes have come out of the backwoods and into the spotlight as people of all ages discover snowshoeing's versatility and aerobic value, plus the fact that the activity is just plain fun.