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About Kingsley Jones

Kingsley Jones is an International Mountain Leader who has lived in Chamonix for 10 years, and he is a Course Director for Icicle Mountaineering who organises and runs all the avalanche awareness, trekking and snowshoeing courses. During the winter months he teaches avalanche awareness and snow safety to groups almost every day of the week. His personal climbing has taken him around the world from Aconcagua to the North Face of the Eiger. For more details about avalanche training contact him direct at, or see the website at His personal website is Fat Marmot Snowshoeing at


Secret Snowshoe Summits of the Alps: Punta della Croce, Italy

There are honeypot locations in the Alps, where it’s hard to avoid other people snowshoeing, and then there are other regions where you’ll struggle to find anyone else all day long. Some of this comes down to how much marketing … Continue reading

Secret Snowshoe Summits of the Alps: Mont de l’Arpille, Switzerland

In the Alps there are some great 2000m (6,561 feet) summits that are accessible on snowshoes, providing amazing views and great stashes of powder. I live in the Alps in the winter months, and guide groups on snowshoes for nearly … Continue reading

A Mt. Fourchon Snowshoe Adventure

Some days in the mountains are special, and I don’t want to share them with anyone else. Other experiences are for sharing, and the story is worth telling to encourage them to go out and explore this region themselves. I … Continue reading

Mont Blanc Backcountry Snowshoe Adventures

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Snowshoeing in the Italian Val Ferret

As the window shutters of the hut creaked open, we were rewarded by the early morning views across the valley to the Italian face of Mont Blanc. It was still dark and the snow glowed in the moonlight. Above the sky was filled with millions of stars, twinkling against the deep blue of the night. A glance at the altimeter showed that the pressure had risen overnight. It was going to be a great day. Duvets were cast aside and slowly the hut room came to life, with six bleary eyed adventurers sitting up and emerging. Six o'clock in the morning is never usually an active time of day, but the room was full of energy and expectation for the day ahead.

Avalanche Avoidance Tips & FAQ

The Alps has already claimed its first avalanche fatality of the season, and before the end of winter there will be another 250,000 avalanches in this mountain chain alone, and around the world about 150 people will fall victim to the ‘white death'. In this article we sort through the myths and arm you with some essential avalanche avoidance tips, that are as valid on Aonach Mor as they are on the North Face of Everest. In over 95 percent of all avalanche accidents, the victim or someone in the victim's party triggers the slide. Avalanches are the only natural hazard in the world that is commonly triggered by the victim!