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Snowshoe Magazine is the only worldwide publication that focuses completely on the sport of snowshoeing. The magazine was created in 2011 by Ryan Alford and in 2015 was sold to Paul and Susan Wowk. Based in Northern Colorado, Snowshoe Mag strives to promote the sport so individuals of all ages can enjoy what the sport of snowshoeing has to offer!

What You’ll Find At Snowshoe Mag

We provide a comprehensive selection of content including, but not limited to:

  • Destinations – Find trails, resorts/Nordic Centers, and events in your area that offer snowshoeing opportunities!
  • Snowshoeing Tips & Tricks – All the how-tos of how and when to snowshoe, what to bring, safety tips and more!
  • Snowshoe racing – Love running and/or racing? Try it on snowshoes! See what events are offered this year and the how-tos to get started or increase your endurance.
  • Inspiration –  Books, movies, and high performing athlete stories to give you the inspiration you need for all your snowshoeing adventures!
  • Gear guides – Looking for new gear? We provide comprehensive snowshoe gear guides by leading manufacturers to get you started on your adventure.
  • Gear reviews – Before purchasing new gear, read the experiences of Snowshoe Mag staff who have tested snowshoes, poles, winter clothing, and accessories.

If there’s specific content you would like to see or if you have feedback on the current content, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact us at admin@snowshoemag.com or complete our contact form.

Our Readers

Our audience includes first-time snowshoers, people looking for recreational options, the elite athletes, and everybody in between. If you enjoy snowshoeing or want to learn more, this site is for you!

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Our Partners

Snowshoe Magazine, LLC also occasionally partners with organizations and advertisers to promote destinations, accommodations, products, or activities. When we partner, we still strive to provide the most unbiased information to our readers as possible. All of our articles express the writer’s own honest opinion of the topic. Please see our affiliate disclosure for more information.


Snowshoe Magazine offers a variety of advertising options ranging from site banner ads to post sponsorship. All ads and sponsorships must align with the mission of Snowshoe Magazine to promote the sport of snowshoeing in a genuine and authentic manner.


We are always open and interested in hearing from new writers. All topic ideas that we accept must be related to snowshoeing in some way. Before sending your ideas, please search Snowshoe Magazine to see if your topic of interest has already been covered.

For questions, comments, or concerns, please e-mail us at info@snowshoemag.com.

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