Gear Review: SnowLizard SLXTREME 5 Case for the iPhone5

Winter weather is brutal on any smartphone, but it looks like SnowLizard might have the answer to your troubles: the SLXTREME 5 case for the iPhone 5.

I know I had enough trouble keeping my iPhone out of trouble when I lived in Ontario, but now that I’ve been puttering around the Arctic Circle for a while my problems have turned into an avalanche of headaches.

I’ve tried everything imaginable… and perhaps a few that aren’t… to keep my phone from shutting off. I’ve experimented with various cases, and even stooped to carrying my phone in an old wool mitten without a lot of success.

slxtreme-5-5s-case-iphone-rugged-waterproof-solar-powered-battery (1)There’s a combination of conflicting problems that makes life difficult for my iPhone when the temperature drops below -15C or so. I can indeed keep it relatively warm in an inside pocket, but it quickly becomes drenched with moisture from my body heat meeting the cold air. If I carry it in an outside pocket, it freezes and shuts down. It’s a conundrum that’s been best solved by carrying it in a simple leather case, but sometimes that’s questionable as to a real foul-weather solution.

I’ve been playing with an ECase with some success as well. It also has the advantage of being waterproof and I don’t have to take the phone out of the case to use it. However, below -20C it doesn’t prevent the phone from freezing and going dead.

That’s where something like the new SLXTREME 5 from SnowLizard comes into play.

“The world’s only WATERPROOF, BATTERY, RUGGED, SOLAR POWERED iPhone 5/5S Case,” the company’s website states. “Featuring ruggedized waterproof protection and even more built-in battery-boosting power with an integrated 2550 mAh battery to extend your iPhone’s charge by more than 150 percent.”

I could go for that any time, even though this case is built specifically for the iPhone 5.

“It also includes a built-in solar panel for emergency charging when you’re away from a power source. Jam to your tunes in even the wettest environment with a 3.5mm audio jack.”

slxtreme-5-5s-case-iphone-rugged-waterproof-solar-powered-batteryNow you’re talking some serious protection that will extend your phone’s usefulness.

“The SLX is designed for ease of use and allows you to easily slide your iPhone 5 in and out of the ultra rugged polycarbonate case,” the company continues. “Certified with a MIL SPEC 810G rating to protect your phone from six-foot (2m) falls, dust and sand and a waterproof rating of IP-68 for up to six-foot (2m) depths. The most rugged, waterproof, battery-extending protection you will ever find for your iPhone5.”

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