Gear Review: Jandd Mogen Backpack

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The Mogen’s front compression straps are ideal for stowing your snowshoes.

The San Diego-based company Jandd Mountaineering is well-known to cyclists for their high quality seat packs and panniers. Jandd makes some nice backpacks, as well, and their Mogen model is worth a look from any snowshoer in the market for new load bearing equipment.

The Mogen’s front compression straps are what first drew my eye, as I prefer stowing my snowshoes on the front rather than the side of my pack when need be, as I go in for wider then typical models of snowshoes. The pack’s Cordura and ballistic nylon construction also appealed to me; my taste in gear tends toward the durable.

Jandd webbing

The Mogen’s Cloud 9 shoulder straps and raked waistbelt scored big points with this reviewer.

I’m also finicky about fit, and the Mogen has something to offer there, as well. Their Cloud 9 shoulder straps are 1) sized, 2) allow for torso length adjustment, and 3) adjust for width. With my stubby torso and surgically altered asymmetrical shoulders, these design features are more than minor details. My combination of deep lumbar curve + generous hips also likes to walk pack hip- and waistbelts well north of my navel. Jandd seemed to have had folks like me in mind when they designed their raked belt. Its downward angle starts low, and I have found that it does a much better job of staying there.

Jandd daypack

Pack right to provide structure for the frameless Mogen.

The Mogen is an old school frameless pack. That means you provide the structure via the contents you choose and how you choose to pack them. A puffy layer provides a nice starting point.

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The Mogen’s side pockets are a good fit for 32 ounce Nalgenes.

The Mogen is not heavy on internal organization. There is a single main compartment with four hang tabs and two side pockets. Jandd manufactures a laptop pouch that may be repurposable as a reservoir holder. Regardless, the side pockets are sized to fit 32 ounce Nalgenes (with some room left over, so 48 ounce Nalgenes might work there, as well).

Matthew Timothy Bradley

To purchase the Jandd Mogen, click here. To learn more about Jandd Mountaineering, click here.

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