Columbia Knows How to Put in the Power: Powerfly Down Jacket Review

Let’s just call it love at first sight. I hadn’t even put the jacket on when my heart skipped a beat. Everything about the Columbia Powerfly Down Jacket caught my attention and drew me in – from the color to the impressive technical specs.

product photo: Columbia Powerfly Down Jacket - fuse green

The Powerfly has their famous Omni-Heat technology and excellent for outdoor winter activities. Photo: Columbia

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First Impressions

I’m all about image and first impressions, so for me it was the ‘Fuse Green’ that stopped me in my tracks. In general, I associate the color green with earth and the outdoors. So kudos to Columbia for taking a pretty neutral shade and adding some zest. I’m claiming ‘Fuse Green’ the hot new shade for the outdoor super hero!


Comfortably snug, the Powerfly Down Jacket (men’s and women’s) fits a tad small which is actually perfect for action and mobility. I have tested this jacket during numerous strenuous outdoor activities including snowshoeing, snowshoe running, trail running and hiking and among varying weather patterns on Canada’s West Coast.

Technical Specs

OK, let’s get technical. The Powerfly Down Jacket is lined with the famous Columbia Omni-Heat technology… need I say more? If you’re new to the Omni force, the secret is to get active and make your own heat! The silver, high-tech thermal reflective lining works as an incredible self-regulating insulator that adjusts to your internal temperature.

Even on wet days, the rain repellant exterior kept me warm and dry. When there is moisture coming from both outside and inside the jacket, you may notice a slight change in hue and texture. It almost looks like it’s a little wet – but it is not. The 800 fill power down insulation will keep you toasty warm without the bulk. Down has come a long way and only continues to improve, mark my words.

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woman on snowshoes wearing Columbia Powerfly down jacket

The author on Grouse Mountain Snowshoe Grind wearing the Columbia Powerfly Down Jacket in Fuse Green. Photo: @PlayOutdoorsCA


Furthermore, if pockets and compartments are high on your want list, the Powerfly proves that function can be five-star. You can stash cargo like car key and smart phones easily and comfortably into the Omni Heat lightweight, well cushioned inside pockets.

Bonus, the Powerfly comes with its own matching carry case. Crumple the jacket into a power ball and pack it away as something as small as your pocket.  Nothing like having a power jacket at your fingertips when you are on the fly.


I’m in love with my Fuse Green Columbia Powerfly Down Jacket and you will be too. Here’s to monogamy, at least for this season.

For more information on Columbia, visit You can purchase men’s and women’s Powerfly Down Jackets on Amazon.

This article was originally published on Feb 21, 2013, and was most recently updated on July 13, 2021. 

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  • Hi, i want to buy a down jacket, i am between the north face nuptse 2 jacket, and the columbia powerfly down jacket.
    Wich is warmer o better?, for cold weather