Montreal’s LePorho Exhibits World Championship Form, Sets Record at Vermont Snowshoe Challenge

David LePorho demonstrated his snowshoe acumen at the 11th Northern Vermont Snowshoe Challenge, an 8 km adventure into the wonderful world of Smuggler’s Notch. The reigning 2011 World Snowshoe Champion set a new course record by over a minute (set by Geoff Cunningham in 2009) with his 38:40.

Terrain can be challenging at Smuggler’s Notch

LePorho’s home, Montreal, is ranked as the world’s most livable city; Vermont has to be up there as one of the world’s most livable states. Home of the 2006 Bolton Valley USSSA National Snowshoe Championships along with maple syrup, heavily treed forests, quite a bit of a certain ice-cream brand by the most popular names in Vermont: Ben and Jerry, some of the best gourmet coffees going with Green Mountain, iconic images such as barns recalling the peacefulness of a bygone era . . . you need what else?

Snowshoe quickly up this in Vermont, and you, too, can race with David LePorho

No slouch himself, second place Jeremy Drowne held up West Chazy, New York’s honor with a silver finish and a time also under the old record of 39:22. Earlier he won the 10-mile trail run at the Jingle Bells Qualifier, Paul Smiths, NY, the opening race in this year’s Dion USSSA National Championship Qualifying calendar. He is active in the Dion Snowshoe Series of the Empire State Snowshoe Association with finishes like fifth at Mendon Ponds Qualifier.

These two were the only competitors to break 40 minutes.

Cathy Pedtke, Saranac Lake, NY, took women’s honors and Anthea Schmid followed.

LePorho, as would be expected, is an active outdoor athlete competing in events like
a 5:04 pace in the Course Saint-Laurent, QC, in their 5 km race, a super-quick 4:57 mile pace in the Le 5 Km Endurance—and didn’t win—along with the Half-Marathon des Deux-Rives Levis, Quebec, with a 1:12 and 5:32 mile pace.

The 2012 World Snowshoe Championship is hosted by the Quebec Snowshoes Association at Forêt Montmorency, LePorho’s playground. Some 50 entries are anticipated by organizers and Forêt Montmorency.

Winner of the 3.5 km run was Underhill’s Nate Herzog in 22:41, easily outdistancing Robin Miller. Notable finish was 80-year-old Don Lacharite of Winooski in his 43:18 finish, stretching out his finish over Mrs. Lacharite, a youngster at 76, and Jackson Boomhower, 75.

Vermont may assemble the best 7 and under race group in the country

In the Kids Half-Km race, seven lined up, seven finished. Favi Campanile, 3, Jeffersonville, wins youngest racer while Francesca Campanile, 7, with the win, was the best imitator of David LePorho. Hugh Johnson, Ethan Robinson, Raphael Campanile (the Campaniles have their own race team here), Asa Kramer, and Brynna Swift-Herzog showed great promise and a big future in snowshoeing with their performances.

An honor bestowed on the Northern Vermont Snowshoe Challenge hasn’t seen a lot of coverage and should: the race tied with the Tubbs’ Romp to Stomp as the Best Snowshoe Event by Vermont Sports New England’s Outdoor Magazine.

Photos courtesy: Ryan Polizotto
Photo Kids Race courtesy: Hugh Johnson


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