A Toast to Innate’s Trad Flask

Spirits, particularly whiskey, are universally supported on most, if not all, outdoor adventures. In the winter, you may find a celebration nip atop a summit or a swallow of tingling warmth when battling cold temperatures. And when it’s time to ceremoniously unscrew the top of the flask and tilt it back, it’s unlikely that you really care what your flask looks like.

Rightfully so. A reliable flask needs only two essential features: a container and a screw top lid. Everything else is just decoration. But whether it’s for aesthetics or functionality, I certainly appreciate a few good decorations on my flask(s). Which is probably why the Innate Trad flask has taken over my quiver to be my first choice when I’m refilling my friendly pocket buddy.

To make that refilling process easier, Innate includes a funnel that nestles into the flask’s mouth. The first time using this funnel rocked my world of flask knowledge…which is to say, in the scope of life knowledge, I thought it was neat. I’m overly careful with my pours and hate seeing a drop of bourbon go to waste, so the Trad’s funnel was a welcome, new gizmo that I didn’t know I wanted or needed. Until now.

My trio of existing flasks is embellished with its own flare, but the Trad takes the best of my flasks and designs it into one. Easily the most beneficial feature is the shape, which is curved to rest snugly in your back pocket. It’s a standard design that you’ll find on many flasks, but you don’t truly realize its value until you’re sitting on the edges of an uncomfortable stainless steel square.

The design itself deserves a toast. Innate gave the classic stainless steel look a clean makeover with a curved top and a keyhole lid retainer. And like a good bourbon served neat, the Trad is a timeless flask that doesn’t need to dressed up with a bad sticker job.

Ultimately, the Trad does its job no better than any other flask. But its sleek design and carefully thought-out accessories are perfect for that triumphant outdoor moment, as you raise your good-looking flask and toast with a good-tasting bourbon.

For more information on the Trad Flask, visit http://www.innate-gear.com/product-info/trad-flask.

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Stephanie Nitsch is an outdoor writer with roots in the Pacific Northwest but calls Utah home. Stephanie writes adventure stories, gear reviews and profiles for the likes of ESPN, Bike, Snowboard Canada, Utah Adventure Journal and more.

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