About Female Runners and Stress Fractures

“Stress fractures are common in runners, predominantly in females.  Running causes micro fractures in the bones of the legs.” From this opening, Gary Moller, an accomplished endurance athlete and Nutritional Medicine Consultant provides a host of information that can surprisingly benefit all, even males.

 “Stress factors are of no concern in the healthy runner who is following a training program that has a balance between workouts and recovery periods.  In fact, the micro damage that happens in training is what stimulates the process of bone renewal, remodeling strengthening, so a healthy runner will be able to tolerate more and more pounding as the years go by. Stress fractures occur more often in female runners because . . . “ Read more here:


Gary Moller is an accomplished endurance athlete, coach, Nutritional Medicine Consultant with a competitive career spanning some 30 years. This is his article. He is the older brother of Olympic Marathon medalist and professional sports coach, Lorraine Moller. Sports that he has seriously contested are running, multisport, road cycling and mountain biking. He has strong academic credentials and publishing credits.

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