KEEN Creates an Equation for Comfortable Warm Feet in Even the Coldest Conditions

Perhaps one of the best endorsements I can give the KEEN Hoodoo High Lace Boots is that when I get back to the car after a day of snowshoeing, I want to leave them on. Usually I’m out of my damp boots right away and ready for something more comfortable, but I’m more than happy to keep wearing the Hoodoo High Lace for the trip home and any errands along the way.

KEEN’s Hoodoo High Lace Boot is waterproof, breathable, has a roomy toe box and good stability that works well with a snowshoe. This excellent support system allows me to take both the ascents and descents with ease. In addition, as someone with perpetually cold feet, the faux shearling lining is a welcome feature. I find the warmth of these boots to be nothing short of heavenly, and I will take them with confidence to Canada’s Arctic for a Snowshoe Magazine assignment later this winter.

I like the height of the boot for the extra warmth to my calves, and have discovered the additional height means I don’t need to wear gaiters in most snow conditions. I also find the Hoodoo High Lace surprisingly easy to lace up. I anticipated they could be cumbersome to get into, but this is not the case … the laces slide smoothly through the metal D-rings.

The substantial rubber treads ensure you don’t slip as you negotiate icy sidewalks for your post-snowshoe latte. And, with a surprising pop of color and stylish silhouette, KEEN’s Hoodoo High Lace Boots also make a great winter around-town boot.

For a great sock to wear inside the Hoodoo High Lace, consider looking to KEEN once again for their Bellingham and Burlington models. Both are constructed from a blend of 60 percent merino wool for warmth and softness, and nylon/spandex/polyester for strength and stretch. Left and right socks are marked and customized for optimal fit. They fit smoothly, don’t bunch and are nicely cushioned in key impact areas. The Bellingham is a slightly heavier sock than the Burlington, allowing you to select based on personal preference.

KEEN’s Hoodoo High Lace Boot is tailored especially for a woman’s foot. Men could look to KEEN’s Delta model for a boot that works equally well for snowshoeing.

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