Clean Bottle: Simple Design, Brilliantly Functional

Using a clean water bottle during a snowshoe outing is important – especially if you hate using hydration systems.  And what better way to make that a reality by carrying the Clean Bottle.  The Clean Bottle concept is simple: A patent-pending screw-off, leak-proof bottom that helps with the cleaning process.  

A water bottle that’s easier to clean is a water bottle that will stick around.  It’s a water bottle that will be there for you, through the thick and thin – snowshoeing, biking, running, and whatever else your active lifestyle desires.  The Clean Bottle is your new friend.  

But first, can I tell you a quick “funky water bottle” story?  Thanks.  

So, there was this one time, after a trail running excursion … I left my water bottle in my car.  After rolling underneath my seat – out of sight, out of mind – the bottle’s contents began to change.  A few weeks go by, and what was once a healthy dose of Wilderness Athlete Energy & Focus drink mix was now a dark green blob.  Kind of chunky, too.  

Because this was my favorite bottle (it had a big EMS logo on the side), I tried to save it.  I soaked it in some soapy water.  I tried to scrape the funk off the bottom of the bottle with a knife.  To no avail, my attempts at nursing it back to life were met with ill.  I had to toss it in the recycle bin.  Bummer.

The Clean Bottle concept would have prevented this horrible tragedy.  Not only is cleaning the bottle easy, it dries quickly as well: Unscrewing the top and bottom allows air to flow through it freely.  No more soaking a water bottle in soapy water, hoping the moldy goo will go away in the morning.  We all know how that feels.  Nobody likes mold that overstays its welcome.  

Here are some additional Clean Bottle features:

*Made with 100 percent non-toxic, BPA-free plastics
*Dishwasher safe
*10 percent of all Clean Bottle profits are donated to eco- and cycling-friendly charities that you vote for
*Holds 22 ounces

Wanna buy one?  Sure you do!  Clean Bottle’s website is now offering the fourth bottle free if you buy three, at $9.95 each.  Check it out:

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