Gear Review: Mountain Hardwear Geist Vest and Jacket

Wind resistant and 3M ultra-high luminescent reflectents go together to offer runners water repelling nylon shells from Mountain Hardwear: the Geist Vest and Jacket.  

Engineered to wick-away moisture via mesh panels, the vest and jacket are stretchable to offer expanded mobility and reliability in high performance situations.  Use the Geist Vest when running in warm, wet environments.  Of course, when the weather is cooler, the Geist Jacket is the perfect choice.

Even better, Mountain Hardwear has made the Geists for men and women.

Not so much a shell but rather a 100-wash SuperDWR nylon finish that repels water: Mountain Hardwear’s fabric technology in the Geist family line is superior to other shell-like products.  And it’s not simply because I said so; it’s because the Geist Vest and Jacket are constructed to pack themselves…into themselves.  According to Mountain Hardwear, the Geists stuff into self pockets for packability

The vest and jacket material is lightweight and made especially for runners required to make “backpacking” decisions.  And by backpacking decisions I mean something that won’t take up vital room or be a hefty addition to the trail.  Three ounces shouldn’t cause you any problems.  

The reflectent patterns and prints on the vest and jacket come in handy when running (or biking) in the dark.  Although running during the evening hours is not recommended, Mountain Hardwear has it handled with built-in reflectors on the rear and sides of the vest and jacket.  

Additional features:

  • Full front zipper with chin guard for comfort
  • Hand pockets with earpiece cord exits
  • One chest pocket
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty

Mountain Hardwear Geist Vest:

Mountain Hardwear Geist Jacket:

To purchase the Geist Jacket, click here.

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