Gear Review: Sugoi Helium Jacket

Sometimes it feels like a jacket weighs you down and gets in the way. Not so with Sugoi’s super lightweight and silky-thin Helium Jacket. At less than 100 grams (3 oz.), this jacket is designed to move with you. It is a perfect jacket for high-intensity snowshoe outings, including snowshoe running.

The Helium jacket is water-resistant and also keeps out the wind very well, both of which help to add more warmth than one would expect from such a light garment. Another huge plus is that because it is so light and packable, you won’t be tempted to leave it behind on those in-between days. When the weather turns, a jacket isn’t much good to you if it’s at home in your closet.

Unlike similar jackets in this category, the Helium has a full-zip so you don’t have to pull it on and off over your head – a real hassle with hats and sunglasses. The zip is also useful for regulating your temperature, as are the tiny vent holes under the arms. Gently elasticized wrists keep gloves or mitts firmly in place for snow protection and added warmth.

The jacket is made from a rip-stop material so it won’t tear easily on branches when you take your snowshoeing off the beaten path. To accommodate a few snacks, a key or your iPod, a back pocket zips up to keeps things secure.

The Helium comes in a wide variety of colors in mens and womens sizing. Finally, it also has a feature which I always appreciate in a jacket – ample reflective strips.

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