Gear Review: Teko Socks

If you’re attracted to win-win situations for your feet and the planet, Teko makes the socks for you. They feel amazing to wear and offer great technical features, plus you can feel good about the company’s environmental ethics. Their motto and mission statement is: “best socks ON the planet; best socks FOR the planet”, and they certainly live up to that ideal.

Teko is firmly committed to being a planet-friendly company in a multitude of ways. They call their processes and practices “Beyond Organic”, meaning that they go above and beyond in their efforts to leave a light imprint on the planet. From 100% wind-powered facilities, to buying offset carbon credits, manufacturing in the USA, stewardship efforts, ethical treatment of animals, sourcing locally where possible, fair material and labor prices, and responsible packaging, Teko has an impressive track record of environmental best practices.

Their three sock lines are made from merino wool, organic cotton and recycled polyester. The organic farms from which Teko sources materials all operate in accordance with GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) and/or IVN (International Association Natural Textile Industry) guidelines, providing a level of accountability that is transparent to the consumer.  Teko is committed to treating people, animals and the planet well, and they provide details on their website of exactly how they achieve each of these. For example, in the case of the sheep that provide their wool, the standards ensure that no skin removal occurs, the animals are fed and cared for without the use of hormones, and they are fed organically.

The long-staple fibers of their merino wool make them an excellent choice for snowshoeing, with the Light Hiker and Hike/Trek being good options. The light hiker is thinner, for higher exertion activities or more moderate temperatures. The Hike/Trek is much thicker and heavily cushioned throughout, for extra warmth and comfort on long excursions (make sure your footwear choice can accommodate the extra thickness).

Teko’s merino wool socks are designed to withstand heavy use, and retain their softness and durability after washing. They have all the comfort to make your snowshoe outing more enjoyable, and are extremely breathable. They also have exceptional protection against blistering.

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