Add the Delano X2 Snowshoe to Your Gear This Winter

A common question for any snowshoer, whether just starting or more advanced, is which snowshoe to choose. One model to consider for your gear this winter is the Delano X2. One of the newest snowshoes on the market, the Delano X2 by Wildhorn Outfitters, offers a versatile, low-cost option for those looking to break trail in some fresh powder.

Skiers and snowboarders may be familiar with Wildhorn Outfitters. After all, they are a proud supplier of the U.S Ski and Snowboard team. But now, with their first model, the Sawtooth, and release of the Delano X2 in January 2021, snowshoers can jump in on Wildhorn too.

woman looking down and snowshoeing with trees in background

The Delano X2 is one new snowshoe to consider for your winter gear. Photo: Wildhorn Outfitters

Features of the Delano X

When choosing your snowshoe, versatility is one of the key traits to consider. But what specifically about the Delano X2 makes it a versatile snowshoe and noteworthy addition to your winter gear? Let’s break it down.


With performance in mind, the Delano X2 features six crampons beneath the toe and three underneath the heel. Each crampon is made of electroplated or coated steel and has multiple teeth. Moreover, each is positioned at various angles for grip on changing terrain. The sheer number of crampons offers the grip you need for both uphill and downhill climbs and ensures a solid footing when navigating these conditions.

Popular with many snowshoers, the steel heel raiser is another feature included on the Delano X2. To help alleviate the strain on calf muscles during steep climbs, you can pop up the heel raiser for additional stability.

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product photo: Delano X2 snowshoes profile Moab

The Delano X2 features six crampons beneath the toe and three underneath the heel. Photo: Wildhorn Outfitters

Easy-to-Use Foot Stability

The bindings on the Delano X2 are quick-lock and release straps made for various boot shapes and sizes. Your foot also rests on a textured grip pad to prevent slipping when on the trail.

Once your boot is in proper alignment, use the quick cinch binding by pulling the main foot strap up to tighten. Then, secure the self-locking heel strap, made of TPU, a category of plastic, by pulling to the preferred tightness and placing the excess in the holders.

Releasing the straps is just as easy. You can release the foot strap by using the single pull quick release secondary strap. Then remove the heel strap by lifting the heel self-lock.

person pulling heel strap on snowshoe

Secure the self-locking heel strap, made of TPU, a category of plastic, by pulling to the preferred tightness. Photo: Wildhorn Outfitters

Durable Floatation

The Delano X2 snowshoes have a 7075 aluminum frame and thermoplastic front decking. For those unfamiliar with thermoplastic, it’s a material that can be easily recycled. The thermoplastic also features a cold-resistant resin for added durability and lighter weight.

The shape of the Delano X2 also aids in floatation. Snowshoes with a larger surface area tend to limit sinking in the snow, and the Delano X2 has a wide surface area in front and rear of the ‘shoe so you can enjoy the fresh powder without concern.

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product photo: Delano X2 snowshoes graphite frontal view

The wider surface area of the front and rear decking on the Delano X2 helps with floatation in deep powder. Photo: Wildhorn Outfitters

Try the Delano X2

The Delano X2 by Wildhorn Outfitters is a versatile option for those looking for a low-cost performance snowshoe to enjoy in the powder. Multiple crampons provide the necessary grip for steep trails, the easy-to-use binding and textured pad provide stability, and the shape and materials for the snowshoe provide durability and floatation. Plus, there is a lifetime warranty on the snowshoe.

Try out various colors, including Arctic White, Crystal Blue, Evergreen, Graphite, Moab, and Smoke Blue. Also, choose from a size 22″ or 28″ model by checking out their sizing guide to find the right snowshoe for your needs.

Learn more about the Delano X2, priced at $159.99, online at Wildhorn Outfitters.

Have you tried the Delano X2 snowshoe? What feature are you most excited about in this snowshoe? Please share your thoughts with us in the comments below.

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