A Review of the Adaptable Flex RDG Snowshoe by Tubbs

Whenever you assess a ‘shoe by Tubbs Snowshoes, the Washington-based shoemaker starts with stellar credibility. Tubbs has been making snowshoes since 1906 and is one of the longest-producing snowshoe companies. In fact, in a 1928 expedition, Admiral Richard Byrd and his team walked on Tubbs snowshoes all the way to the South Pole and back.

Given Tubbs’ rep, I had no reason to think that my 24-inch Flex RDG snowshoes would be anything less than stellar during my review.  And stellar they are, indeed.

man in deep snow with mountains in the background

Beautiful scenes are to be had (like the Teton mountain range) with the Tubbs Flex RDG snowshoes Photo: Brad Christensen.

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The Features

You’ll feel less stress on each calf and leg with the unique Torsion Deck and Flex Tail Technology.  Through each twist and turn and up and down on rolling hills, you will feel the Flex RDG adapt to the terrain.  And even in icy conditions, you’ll find that this shoe continues to perform for you.

For a comfortable and pleasant day hike in the woods, it is hard to find any fault with this ‘shoe.  But if you need to run in it, it holds up well, and it would probably hold its own in a race.

And there is one more outstanding feature you will find in this $189.95 shoe:  The binding involves Tubbs’ Boa closure system. If you are tired of struggling with straps on other shoes, you may get hooked on this Tubbs shoe.  The Boa device is so easy to use – just one simple twist to the dial – that all my friends who’ve tried it are raving about it and insist that they will never again settle for a snowshoe without it. In fact, this system is now featured on a wide variety of outdoor gear.

close up of Tubbs Flex RDG snowshoes in the snow

The Tubbs Flex RDG shoes hold up across varied terrain. Photo: Mike Weber

The Conditions

Our snow in Wyoming is both deep and fluffy, so we would typically wear a longer snowshoe that can handle the snow.  But even here, the Flex RDG is high-performing.

Whether you’re out for a serious short trek in the mountain or a fun and casual walk, the Flex RDG will hold up well.  You can expect stellar performance from this snowshoe across a surprisingly wide variation of terrain.

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The Sizing

The Flex RDG has one limitation.  If you and your gear weigh more than 200 pounds (91 kg), there is not a Flex RDG sized long enough to work for you yet.  But if you and your gear weigh less than 200 pounds (91 kgs), the snowshoe performs superbly.

Check out the Tubbs Flex RDG snowshoe on Amazon.

What is your review of the Tubbs Flex RDG? Would you try it on your next outing?

This article was originally published on December 8, 2014, and was most recently updated on December 2, 2021. 

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