The Atlas 9 Series Shoe: Affordable and High-Performing

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 7.32.56 AMIn the forests of the Teton mountain range, I’ve recently set off on several hikes with my 30-inch Atlas 9 Series snowshoes.  I found $169.95 a very reasonable price for these shoes and I selected groomed trails for almost all of my walks.

I began with sky-high impressions of Atlas, the Seattle company which has been innovating at the leading edge of snowshoe performance since 1990.  But it wasn’t long before I forgot the technical features touted by Atlas – the free-rotating suspension, the V-shaped toe, and the tapered tail – and simply enjoyed the superior snowshoeing experience these Atlas shoes make possible.

I began to walk through the winter landscape ahead of me with a smooth, efficient stride.  As I take each step, this shoe pulls remarkably little snow.  And as I moved forward I found it easy to walk straight and place my feet down precisely where I wanted them to land.

I tried the Atlas 9 Series shoes out on a variety of terrain.  Through it all, my feet were held securely by the straps.  I felt very little resistance as I moved forward each time.  And I could maneuver through everything from flat meadows to rolling and uneven hills with moves so smooth that I felt like I was gliding.

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 7.33.07 AMImprovements to aluminum snowshoes continue taking snowshoe performance to new heights.

No one out-excels Atlas at providing us with snowshoe experiences in which our feet are suspended in comfort while we reach unprecedented maneuverability.

The 9 Series has already provided me with many pleasant hours in the woods.  With this 30-inch shoe, I sink less and float more than with a shoe that lacks Atlas innovation or that is shorter, and yet the 9 Series is long enough to enable me to enjoy long walks.

As I walk across the snow of the Teton wilderness, my cares vanish into the winter landscape.  By allowing my feet to roll through a range of motions in a variety of terrain, Atlas 9 Series snowshoes let me enjoy my hiking experience even more.  The Atlas 9 Series does exactly what Atlas says it will do – and more – and I find these shoes to be an exceptional return on the investment.

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