RootsRated Launches Outdoor Adventure App

rootsratedRootsRated, the online resource for “where to go outdoors,” has introduced its new RootsRated mobile app for iPhone. Flooded with helpful reviews and inspiring photography, the RootsRated app sources local grassroots knowledge to offer the most up-to-date, verified information on the best outdoor adventures. RootsRated is currently sharing local knowledge on roughly 4,000 adventures in 61 U.S. cities.

“People don’t want to waste time researching where to go outside. They want to get outside – now,” says Fynn Glover, founder of RootsRated. “Our app makes it easy to discover memorable outdoor adventures. Because our content is written by local experts, RootsRated visitors can trust that the reviews are accurate and timely.”

The RootsRated mobile app and website ask the visitor two simple questions: where are you and what do you want to do outdoors? Detailed RootsRated reviews and directions then identify a city’s very best outdoor experiences: where to hike, climb, trail run, cycle, and paddle – even where to grab a bite or drink afterward.

RootsRated app for iPhone provides:

  • Expert grassroots content
  • Efficient filtering (activity, location and difficulty level)
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Clean aesthetic
  • Inspiring images
  • User interaction (“completed adventures” and “bucket list”)

“With solid recommendations from outdoor veterans, RootsRated will quickly mature into an indispensable resource for travelers and locals alike,” says Dustin Clark, outdoor industry veteran and digital marketing consultant. “Since time immemorial, any outdoor adventure has been a mix of skill, knowledge, passion and gear. RootsRated is merging all elements into a simple, sleek interface that’s easy to access on-the-go.”

Unlike other travel and destination apps, RootsRated has partnered with outdoor industry brands and local specialty retailers to support outdoor recreation at a grassroots level. Leading outdoor brands like Horny Toad, Marmot and Vasque have recognized RootsRated’s unique capability to connect the entire outdoor supply chain.

By promoting sustainability of the industry and access to open spaces, both brands and retailers are able to deepen the connection with their customers and grow the outdoor business on the whole. “This is an opportunity for the outdoor industry to harness its expertise and promote the experiences it loves at scale,” said Gordon Seabury, CEO of Horny Toad.

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  • Impressive app!

    Even more alluring is its sustainable partnerships with the outdoor adventure industry and its brands…and the endurance athletes who rely on them.

    Head humbly bowed….

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