Me and my buns

I love cinnamon buns. Always have. I think it goes back to when I was a kid and our family used to vacation at a cottage in Plevna. We would buy the best cinnamon buns from Mrs. Baker who lived on the hill (or was it Mrs. Hill who was a baker?). Anyhow, I am drooling while I am writing this. Even to this day, nothing tastes better to me after a long run than a gooey cinnamon bun and a dark roast coffee.

I guess I had cinnamon buns on my mind recently when we went shopping at the mall. I really don’t enjoy shopping, and REALLY don’t like shopping at the mall, but we were doing some birthday shopping for my daughter and had to hit a few key stores. The only thing that was going to get me through this mall experience was a little taste of heaven.

So it was with great excitement that we found our way to the cinnamon bun shop. I eyed up the biggest cinnamon bun on display and was licking my lips as they put an extra dollop of gooey icing on the masterpiece that the server was dishing up. Just then, the lady (Mrs. Anti-Cinnamon Bun) who was standing in line in front of me piped up and said in a disgusted tone, “You’re not going to actually eat that are you?”

Well, yes I was. I was blown away and hurt that someone would shoot my cinna-bun enjoyment down in flames like that in one big swoop. Never mind that I had gone for a 4 hour snowshoe run the day before and had just gotten back from another 2 1/2 hour snowshoe run in deep snow. Never mind that the accusing woman was of the physical nature of someone who had probably never exercised a day in her life…AND she was ordering a huge honking butter tart to go with her biggie size hot chocolate (extra whipped topping please). And never mind that this was all going to be consumed before probably lighting up a couple of dozen cigarettes that were poking out of her purse. Talk about making a major attempt to take the enjoyment out of my treat! What a freaking hypocrite!

I was taken aback by Mrs. Anti-Cinnamon Bun and could think of nothing else more to say to her than, “Why yes I am going to eat it”.

I just hope by some miracle that Mrs. Anti-Cinnamon Bun is reading this because I want her to know that it was damn yummy!



  • Sara Montgomery and Derrick Spafford

    Derrick and Sara are trail runners from Eastern Ontario who discovered that running on snowshoes in the winter months is a great way to enjoy their favorite trails year-round. They competed in their first snowshoe series (The Mad Trapper Series in Low, Quebec) in 2005, each finishing 2nd in their respective divisions. Plans for 2006 are to return to the Mad Trapper, to take in some races in New York and Vermont, and hopefully cap their season with the U.S. Snowshoe Championships in March, as Canadian guests. Derrick runs a company, Spafford Health and Adventure (, which specializes in coaching and event promotion. He is currently planning an annual snowshoe race to be held in the Kingston area, starting this winter.

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