Hang Up the Snowshoes and Play Some Golf

When the snow clears why not try playing golf rather than just using the golf course as a snowshoe track. 

Golfing gives the entire body a workout. This is far from the perception many non-golfers have about the sport. To them, golf is an easy sport done for leisure. However, as any golfer would attest, playing golf can lead to serious injuries. When doing a swing, golfers engage muscle groups both in the upper and lower body. Many times, these muscles get strained, especially where one has not yet perfected ways of performing the swing. The result is pain and sometimes injuries, which can keep you out of the sport for a while. A Chiropractor may just be the route to health many golfers need.

Simple chiropractor services are effective in realigning your muscles and relieving the pressure responsible for pain in muscles and joints. Chiropractic practitioners do not use any medications for treatment. They engage you in exercises that strengthen your muscles and enhance the body’s natural healing ability. Back pain is the most common complaint among golfers. Golfers experience pain during or after a game, when practicing, and even on days when one is not playing. The golf swing engages the lower back more than any other body part. This leads to the muscles on the lower back weakening, a condition that is causes pain in the lower back. It can also occur due to a disc problem.

To correct this anomaly, a Chiropractor will take you through a series of exercises that strengthen the lower back, gluts and hip muscles. This will offer protection during play. The Chiropractor also focuses on stretching the back. For this, there are various stretching exercises for different muscle groups in the back. Stretching gives instant relief from pain. It also increases the strength of the back over time and makes them more flexible. As a result, the probability of suffering an injury during play is reduced. You will also be able to go for long practice sessions without tiring easily.

The intensity of the exercises depends on your body weight. No equipment is required; you do not even need to go to a gym. The practitioner is usually a highly qualified specialist, providing training sessions with the aim of reaching optimal physical health and fitness. This makes Chiropractic a reliable and effective form of therapy. If you have never considered chiropractic service before, you need to try it. Other practical benefits you will enjoy include better circulation of blood, improved vitality, and elimination of lactic acid. It also improves digestion, reduces muscle spasm and facilitates easy breathing.

Chiropractic helps prevent future injuries. However, in the event that you suffer an injury, you will have a faster recovery time as compared to a golfer who does not use chiropractic therapy. Make it an ongoing practice to get the most out of it. The chiropractor will be able to arrange the sessions and best time for you to get the treatment.

Dr. Paul Burns is a Chiropractor specializing in pain management and sports injuries.  He has worked with many college and pro teams, including the Denver Broncos, the ATP and Wrangler Sports.  His multidisciplinary practice is located in the Denver Tech Center and offers the latest in evidenced based practice methodology, techniques and technology.

For more information, visit www.DrPaulBurns.com and/or call 303-694-9759.


  • Dr. Paul Burns

    Dr. Paul Burns is a Chiropractor specializing in pain management and sports injuries. He has worked with many college and pro teams, including the Denver Broncos, the ATP, and Wrangler Sports. His multidisciplinary practice is located in Englewood, CO, and offers the latest evidence-based practice methodology, techniques, and technology. For more information, visit www.drpaulburns.com.

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