Got Heat? Heat Holder Gloves, Socks and Surprises

Here’s the hot formula: combine comfort with advanced insulating yarn, wear everywhere. That’s the outcome for Heat Holders, the leader in thermal outdoor wear. With their unique entries in the world of footwear and gloves, one looks good and, well, feels hot. Or at least very, very warm.

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I’m authorized to publish their secrets, but don’t let those who make itchy, scratchy things know. Heat Holders use what they call “Advanced Insulating Yarn” providing high performance and major wicking. They created unique knitting techniques, which form an extra long and looped-cushion pile. That combo holds the warm air created by your hot body and keeps it close to your skin, too. The interior’s yarn is brushed unmercifully, maximizing softness plus the volume of warm air retained. That is called the Heatweaver Insulation Liner. One of the better sensations in life is tugging on a pair whether on your hands, feet or better still . . . both. Let someone try them on and the first thing you will hear, as I did from my spouse, will be, “They don’t itch!” And they don’t. These are like wearing soft mink if anyone wore mink any more.

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This English company, based in Bolton, U.K., has been around more than a half-century. They only developed these sizzling products because of their knowledge of yarn and perhaps because of Bolton’s annual Winter Wonderland that creates fun by sliding, riding and gliding in one of England’s friendliest cities. The festivities, perfect to adorn with Heat Holders, lasts from the end of November through the first weekend of the New Year.

Heat Holders founding as a company emerged from yarn traders; really. Then the Sirens call of fiber sang to them the formula for Heat Holders. From that breakthrough came the solution to their aim of having the warmest sock ever, one that can be worn anywhere, anytime. Millions of users around the globe have put more than 10 million buy slips on their spindle; plenty of sold gloves, too.

snowshoe heat holders montage photosSo . . . their offerings test hot.

A scientific test measuring the capacity of fabric to retain heat, called TOG for “Thermal Overall Grade,” occurs at the Shirley Institute, Manchester, England. As a benchmark, the basic cotton sock earns a TOG of .33; Heat Holders rate an unrivaled 2.34. The mittens up that to 2.5! A competitor’s brand name “ultimate heavy walking sock” listed at the company’s website earns just a 1.51. Imagine the shock wearing a brand described as “40 Degrees Below Socks” when the tootsies chill in the snow from a TOG of 1.30.

For gelid air, the kind that can bite you bad, one needs to boost any glove’s warmth capacity. Enduring mountain air, or any winter ultra like Canada’s Actif Epica, requires specialized wear. What I’ve done in my tests for much colder air is adding a pair of gloves inside the Heat Holder mittens, my favorite for trail use. That gives me the flexibility to dial in the warmth I want for the ambient temperature I’m enduring.

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Driving finds my thermal gloves with fingers holding the steering wheel; perfect for travel or around town, and they look good, too.

The socks, inside a pair of good snow boots like I use, just seem to have a little furnace in them. If I need to stoke the temperature, I can add a “shaky,” one of the hand-packets winter endurance racers (and other, saner users) always seem to carry. Also, I double-sock as a life of experience has proven my feet play rough with socks. For serious sport, get a size larger Heat Holder to cover your base sock; feet will thank you for that. For both men and women styles, there are ten choices in length or styles.

The Bolton, U.K Winter Wonderland of fun, family and freezing; just perfect for Heat Holders.

The Bolton, U.K Winter Wonderland of fun, family and freezing; just perfect for Heat Holders.

Now for the big news: Heat Holders have their own choice of thermal warmers for arms and calves. Your extremities may actually decide to enjoy those long distances with you wearing these joint warmers.

Or stay at home; not such a bad idea in a blizzard. Then wear their Snugover, a luxury fleece jumper for women and men. Cuddle under Snuggle Ups, a luxury fleece blanket that would look good as anyone’s gift.

Add one of their cool looking Heat Holder Hats; perfect for looking cool while staying warm without having to give up fashion. Get Heat Holders thermal underwear also. I can only imagine how good they feel with that soft, soft interior; thermal undies aren’t known for that.

snowshoe heat holders kids socks

Just so it’s a family affair, plenty of children’s sock are offered—called Heat Holder “Grippers”—in multi-color combos.

As the company’s logo says, “These are the socks to buy if you care about your feet.” And they are quite competitively priced, too. I suggest you will be pleasantly surprised. Now they can say, “Care enough to wear Heat Holders for everything.”





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