Deep Snow Specialist: Review of the Gold 10 by Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon SnowshoesThe Gold 10 snowshoes by Crescent Moon are made both for walking on-trail and off, in shallow or deep snow. For our Gold 10 review, they were tested in both of these conditions. If you want to make your own path towards your goal, these are the snowshoes you need. These snowshoes are built for neverending exploration and adventure, even when the trail ends.

They simply bring more to the table. They offer a larger surface area (10 x 32), more traction, and larger bindings. If you are looking for one of the best snowshoes that you can find, this is it. There are very few other snowshoes on the market that can compete with this product.

Now let’s see what makes them so great.

Fits Multiple Boot Sizes

Crescent Moon Gold 10

Adjusting the Gold 10

Even though you can find descriptions online where it says that Gold 10 are men’s snowshoes, this simply isn’t the case. They can be worn by both men and women. They have bindings that can be expanded or contracted so that anyone can fit their foot in them comfortably and tightly, no matter what kind of boots they are wearing.

Approximately, they can go from a size 6 for women to a size 15 for men. The foot is easily tightened, with one hand needed to lock it securely in the center of the snowshoe. This allows you to climb any kind of angle and walk through snow no matter how deep it might be.

Per the manufacturer, the Gold 10 can carry up to 225 lbs (102 kg) of weight. Keep in mind though that the 225 lbs (102 kgs) include the weight of the individual and the weight that the individual is carrying. If packing more weight than recommended, be sure to use a longer frame (36”) to limit sinking in deeper snow.

Easy To Maneuver

One of the greatest issues with large snowshoes is that they can be difficult to maneuver. Even though the Gold 10s are 10 x 32, which is larger than most traditional snowshoes, they are far more comfortable and easy to maneuver.  In this writer’s opinion, the large dimensions don’t present a problem because of the moderated design with a teardrop shape that makes movement easier.

This teardrop tail does not only make it easy to walk on a variety of terrain and do multiple types of movement, but it also prevents the possibility of stepping on the deck of one shoe with the other. This is really amazing, especially when you consider the size of the snowshoe.

If you are packing more weight than the 225 lb (102kg) recommendation, this writer would recommend considering the Gold 17 as an alternative to the Gold 10.  The Gold 17 (10x 37) is considerably longer, with a weight recommendation of 300 pounds (136 kg) of weight. Size does impact the maneuverability, so have this in mind if you’re a recreational hiker.

No Slips, No Unexpected Twists

Larger adventurers often experience difficulties due to their size when walking across difficult terrains in snowshoes. Some of the most common issues are heel twists and slips due to pressure and wet environments. However, with the Gold 10 snowshoes, this is surprisingly not an issue at all.

For this review, our tester weighs 210 pounds and with the U-shape straps on the Gold 10, he was able to tighten the arch straps and forefoot without any issues. In fact, the platform is designed so that there is no room for unexpected movement at all. The binding is very stable, which can be the difference between falling down or spraining your ankle.

Excellent Floatation

The Gold 10 weighs a little over 5 pounds (2.27 kg), which compared to other backcountry shoes in heavy. However, despite the weight, the Gold 10 offers excellent floatation in deep snow. The design places the majority of the surface area in the center, which helps distribute weight evenly.

Limited Grip

The Gold 10 is fitted with 3 crampons and traversing claws. However, those are the only traction accessories included, which aren’t sufficient for the large size of the snowshoe. When going up steep terrain or snowshoeing icy conditions, the Gold 10 does not offer sufficient grip. Therefore, the Gold 10 is best used on adventures with limited climbing.

Crescent moonOverall

In all, our review of the Crescent Moon Gold 10 concluded that these snowshoes are an excellent option for deep snow in the backcountry, provided there is minimal climbing. These shoes are easy to get on and adjust and provide sufficient foot support and maneuverability, which can be critical to active snowshoers.

The snowshoes reviewed in this article was supplied and tested by the writer and expresses the writer’s honest opinion of the product.

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