Geocaching the Summer Away

Can you believe it’s July already (or at least close to it)? Before you know it, we’ll all be trudging through some powder deep in some far away forest, listening to the silence…forgetting about responsibility for an instance.

So far, the summer has been great. From a business standpoint, we are rolling and are waiting for the winter season to fall upon us so we can really show our capabilities. Some of the organizations we’ll be working with in length this year and beyond, include SnoCountry Mountain Reports, The Breast Cancer Fund, The Beaver Creek Snowshoe Adventure Series, the United States Snowshoe Association, The Yeti Mountain Snowshoe Series, and many others.

Our nutritional area has launched with Suzanne Farrell at the helm. Suzanne is a registered dietician and nutritionist with her business based in Denver, Colo. – Cherry Creek Nutrition ( Visit the Snowshoe Magazine nutrition area and read up on what Suzanne is focusing on this month. And, watch for more from Suzanne throughout the summer and upcoming winter season.

If you are eager to get out and experience some new hiking activities, try geocaching. This latest craze in outdoor activities requires two things: A global positioning system (GPS) device and a sense of adventure. First started by a group of computer programmers in the Seattle area, was formed to help organize participants and easy access to geocache information.

What is geocaching?

According to, this new sport invites individuals and organizations to set up caches all over the world and share the locations of these caches on the Internet. GPS users can then use the location coordinates to find the caches. A cache may provide the visitor with a wide variety of rewards – somewhat like finding a modern day treasure chest. All the visitor is asked to do is if they get something they should try to leave something for the cache. This promotes others to visit the same cache, at all times no matter the season.

Magellan, a GPS device manufacturer, is promoting the latest geocache event. The Magellan “Cache Her If You Can” GPS Adventure is a geocaching game that sends amateur crime-solvers on a weekly quest for clues in 30 cities across the United States, competing for grand prizes.

Found exclusively at, “Cache Her If You Can” is the second annual Web-based contest hosted by Magellan and its parent company, Thales. Running from June 24 to Sept. 1, the game showcases geocaching as an ideal outdoor recreation activity for people of all ages.

In the contest’s fictional storyline, the “Magellan Detective Agency” enlists the contestants as agents to assist in foiling the sinister plans of the notorious “Stella DeCache” and her devious henchmen of “Organization X” before they are able to disrupt the game of geocaching.

To play, and be eligible to win, participants will need to have access to a GPS receiver and register at where, each week, the Magellan Detective Agency will post a series of clues. With this evidence, contest agents will use their investigative instincts to narrow down the possible locations where they’ll carry out their next mission.

The final clue for each mission will provide the exact latitude and longitude coordinates for contestants to enter in their GPS receivers so they can use it to guide them to a secret “cache,” a black, briefcase-like container hidden above ground on public property, like a park or forest. The first person to find the cache case and the top-secret reward document inside wins a grand prize plus some of the cool items they find in the cache container.

Grand prizes vary from cache to cache and may include trips, outdoor adventure products or vehicle navigation gear packages sponsored by a myriad of companies in the outdoor world.

The idea here is to someday hold a Snowshoe Magazine geocache event during the winter. This will be nationwide and promote the sport of snowshoeing through partnerships that have yet to be announced. But, it will give snowshoers of all ages and expertise the chance to search for some treasure in the snow-covered wilderness of the United States and Canada.

Stay tuned to Snowshoe Magazine for more information about geocaching events. Also, visit for more information on the sport and to get involved in a cache in your area – every state has a cache and one could be near you.

On another note, watch Snowshoe Magazine’s growth throughout the summer. As we continue to fine-tune our media planner, “A First-Timer’s Guide to Snowshoeing,” and our Web site’s redesign, more and more will be available to readers and visitors.

Thanks for reading…and please continue to promote Snowshoe Magazine, its free e-newsletter and all the latest content that’s posted this summer.

Keep that snowshoe frame-of-mind!