Explore the World with the Tubbs Xplore Snowshoe

The world is a snow-blanketed paradise that is just waiting to be explored. Well, the Tubbs Xplore Snowshoe is just the equipment you need to embark on a snowy adventure of your dreams.

Tubbs Men’s Xplore

Perfect for all those who want to get started in the cold world of snowshoeing, the Tubbs Xplore Snowshoe is everything you need to start exploring scenic snow-covered paths and majestic landscapes.

The Equipment and Features

Some of the best features of the Tubbs Xplore are the:

  • QuickPull binding
  • Fit-step frame
  • Softec decking
  • Recreational crampons
  • Rotating toe cord


Equipped with a perfect and most suitable QuickPull binding system, you can easily adjust to any setting you see fit and you can release with a single push of the buckle. So in case you need to take your snowshoe off quickly, you can do so easily in just a few moves.

When it comes to heel alignment, this is where this snowshoe offers a brilliant solution, since it has control wings on the rear of each binding that keeps the heels aligned at all times.

Tubbs Women’s Xplore

The binding materials are plastic and rubber. The only downside of the QuickPull binding system is only certain boots fit well, so it can limit you to the type of boot that you can wear.

Frame & Decking

What makes this snowshoe so special and better than the rest is the special bio-mechanical upturned tails that have the ability to significantly reduce the impact on your ankle joints, hips and knees by almost 10%.

The up-turned tails are part of the Fit-Step aluminum frames and this material is commonly used for making professional snow equipment of the highest quality. The frame is a special and unique mixture which makes this snowshoe neither too heavy nor too light.

On the other hand, the decking is made of Soft-Tec, which is very durable and provides light flotation. Therefore, the Tubbs Xplore are just perfect for touring and recreational snow hiking.

The Crampons & Toe Stops

Snowshoeing with Tubbs Women’s Xplore

The Tubbs Xplore snowshoe is equipped with carbon steel crampons that are perfect for all sorts of recreation. It’s particularly helpful when you need a really secure footing on icy and hard snow.

There are additional toe stops, that are there to ensure that you can make any quick binding adjustments if needed. When combined with the crampons, this snowshoe provides excellent traction through the snow at the greatest value possible.

You will be free to make your steps safely and securely while the forefoot straps will allow you to slide easily and cinch and unlock quickly and easily. This is exactly why the Tubbs Xplore Snowshoe is the smartest choice for all snowshoe first-timers.

Toe Cords

On top of the crampons, the Tubbs Xplore also have rotating toe cords which provide additional safety for more efficient winter travel. You can use these cords to shed and drop snow while you’re hiking. Breathable and water resistant nylon full-length gaiters will keep your feet warm and dry, preventing deep snow and debris (including snow from the tails) from getting into your snowshoes.

Additional Info

The Tubbs Women’s Xplore are available in sizes 8 x 21 or 8 x 25. The Men’s Xplore are available in 8 x 25 or 9 x 30. Both women’s and men’s Xplore are available in snow kits,  which include two-piece adjustable poles and a snowshoe travel bag.

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