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I’m tempted to rename Dion Snowshoes Air-Campbells because it was mountain runner Adam Campbell who turned me on to the brand. He was right when he suggested I gear up in a pair of Dion Snowshoes before running my first race.

As I interviewed Adam for the upcoming Yeti Snowshoe Series, he suddenly bolted to his car and came back with a sleek and unique snowshoe design I had never seen before. Campbell’s enthusiasm and love of the brand instantly drew me into his gear world . Dion Snowshoes are by his personal, unofficial endorsement the lightest and fastest snowshoe on the market.
Enough said. I had to test them myself.

When you choose a Dion Snowshoe, you build your own perfect snowshoe system in three easy steps. 1) Select your frame type based on your activity which includes racing, running and run/hike options. 2) Select either regular or large quick fit binding based on your shoe size and 3) Select your cleats based on the conditions of the trails you prefer, be it standard, deep or ice.

The Dion 121 racing frame is my personal choice since the purpose of my snowshoes is to get my race on! Small, narrow and almost weightless, this racing frame is designed to put you in the lead. The frames are so light that it actually feels like you are running on snow – without snowshoes! Made of state-of-the art aircraft grade aluminum, a racer can thank Dion for taking the focus off what is on your feet and on what lies ahead. On the other hand, the credit can also go to the neoprene hinge springs that allow for easier movement and flow as you push your way to the finish line.

The Quick Fit Bindings came with a variety of velcro straps that were intimidating when I first opened the package, but easy to figure out, customize and secure around my runners. The Quick Fit Bindings have a hook and loop system that is snug but also lets you strap in and out on the fly with no adjustment stops mid-course. Thanks to the weightless feel of both the shoe and binding design and technology, I felt like the bionic woman on snowshoes when I first ran the Grouse Mountain Snowshoe Grind as my pre-race test run.

For cleat selection I went for standards because no matter how super human I may feel when I put on my Dion Snowshoes, the reality is I am green in the racing department and my local trails are normally groomed -nothing too technical for me. The cleats are also made with the aircraft grade aluminum, which might explain why I felt like I was flying to the finish line… on a complete snowshoe system weighing less than 2pounds 4 ouces. Impressive!

My trial runs pre-race enabled me to get more comfortable in my new Dion Snowshoe system. I did come in first place, which was a big surprise and personal accomplishment.


All Dion Snowshoes come with a Lifetime Warranty and can be ordered online here:

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